Thursday, March 25, 2010

Stuff We Would Kiss On the Mouf: Palmer Weiss

Thank you to Design Darling, who pointed out in the Chair Porn post that the room in the "freaking awesome patent leather chair" photo was done by designer Palmer Weiss. I moseyed over to her sight, and what to my wondering eye did appear but a myriad of freaking awesome rooms with nary a reindeer.

Palmer Weiss, a designer originally from Charleston, South Carolina (one of my favorite cities) who now resides in San Fran works her mojo in ways that, to me, evoke California in the 1970s in the coolest, most modern and hip way imaginable. Enjoy.


Aforementioned freaking awesome patent leather chair.

This room made me gasp out loud when I saw it. Are you kidding me? That amazing artwork? The sunny, bananas cool pattern on the DINETTE??? Flipping sweet mid-century mod wire chairs and an homage to the Jetsons pendant light? GASP!!!

I want to roll around naked on that carpet and then steal that orange and white chair when the owner's come home and catch me.

Love that Jonathan Adler looking rug. I'm a sucka for someone who can mix patterns well, and those lamps? Hello, luvahs.

Ch-ch-check it out - the backside of the photo above this one. A bee-you-ti-ful mid century credenza and a teeny tiny bentwood table for the Trips? When do we move in????

Another gasp-worthy room. Grasscloth wallcovering? Check. Gorgeous mirror, lamps and light fixture? Check check check. WHITE LACQUER CREDENZA? I just died.

Another view of the gorgeousness that is the dining room. Swoon. Someone grab my Depends.