Tuesday, March 23, 2010

St. Patty's Day Was Last Week, Yo

Which is why I saved this for this week. I have this huge fear of being confused with a holiday outfit wearer.

I'm not even joking a little when I tell you again, Shaaaaaannnnnnnaaaaaan: Don't make me do this alone on here because I'll look like a dbag.

Ladieth Tuxedo Suit: Resale score of all scores that didn't need one stitch of alterations. Not even in the length. That is RARE when you are 5'3". Thank you petite section woman that decided to get rid of this little gem. Why you did, I do not know b/c it's gonna live forever, like FAME, up in here.

Green Chest Lasagna (per my husband) blouse of goodness: Bday present from Shan. Loves.

Earrings and Shoes: F21. Starter oxford/brogues to see if I want to invest in a more spendy pair. I do. I'm sold. Taking suggestions on super comfy ones, if you have.

Peacock Ring: ANOTHER bday present. From my non-blogging bff, Ginger, (well she had one for her daughter but we won't talk about that, will we GINGER?) who picks out really awesome rings and also has really good taste in friends, duh.

We can't wait to see what Shan wore today, can we kids? I'm not above peer pressure.


Full House said...

Shan get on that green thing.

Style Scout said...

That green blouse is so pretty! One of my favorite colors! Loving the WWD posts, so fun!

GiGi said...

green with envy.
shan, for the record, my birfday is in november.