Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Random Inspiration: The Home Edition

All right, peeps, it's time for some cool homes. Enjoy.

For the love of Annette Funicello - a wall of beach, fab nailhead-trim chairs and a swell chandelier? Some people are SO GREEDY. From Trail of Inspiration.

This is 70slicious, and I have NO idea from whence it came. I DO know that I am loving the mid-centuryness of it all.

Are you kidding me?!!! A Queen Anne sofa next to an old drum recycled as a side tabe, underneath a frigging disco ball? DYNOMITE!!! Apartment Therapy? Maybe?

Tree stumps on casters as seating? Luh-huh-huuuuuve. Apt. Therapy

I NEED a giant C sign in my life. I mean, my last name DOES start with C. Need, I tell you. From Full House.
Turquoise and orange and lacquer, oh my! Full House.

Things I love: that badazz coffee ring art over the sofa, the Union Jack pillow (durrrr), the red and white graphic rug, this room. The end. Full House.