Friday, March 26, 2010

For Beth


I didn't get to sit and chat with you at Wino Club- I mean WINE Club - last night, but I have to tell you that everytime I mention Depends on the blog now - and we both know that is quite a bit - I think of you. Isn't that sweet? Beth = Depends.

This has nothing to do with the REAL reason I am throwing this post up. Per your request (PER YOUR REQUEST???? What am I typing - a memo to my boss???) I give you The Trips:
This is so uncharacteristically Gavin (aka Clint Eastwood). I don't know why he thought he was a badazz in this pic. The pic below is more representative of him on a daily basis:
Gavie's a lover, not a fighter, fo shizzle.
Simon is my little worrier, and my little warrior. Seriously, he The $hit.
THIS is typical Simon - ALWAYS with an ornery grin on his face because he is usually up to NO good.
and last but not least
Don't let the innocent look fool you - girlfriend is The Puppetmaster.

I am also happy to report, girl likes her hats, particularly this Elmer Fudd number that she wears quite frequently. If she cannot get her hands on an actual hat at a given moment, she will take whatever she finds and put it on her head. I am proud to say she is a fashionista already at 22 months.

Funny story about them - my friend Natty Lite read their tarot cards for $hits and giggles one day, and here are the major cards she drew for each one: Gavin = The Lover; Simon = The Devil; Scarlett = The High Priestess. Pretty amazing, and exactly on target.

Anyhoozle - hope you enjoyed this trip down Trip Lane. Happy Friday!



Style Scout said...

They are so stinking cute. I still am picturing them in their footie pajamas just standing there when we walked into your house. They are presh. Hope you enjoyed your gourmet grits last night...they looked AMAZING!

Beth said...

YAY for Trip pics! They are too cute- and I love that they've got quite the sassy personalities. I'm not gonna lie, I'm super flattered I made the blog, even if now everyone in cyberland thinks I've got an overactive bladder! I'm not scerrred. Great times last night!

Full House said...

Oooh so cute! I can see why you want to throw Scarlett her very own personal party now...she's extra cool, I can tell:-)

They are so adorable but wishing I could observe them in real life...I have this thing for TRIPS.

I'm dying about the tarot cards.