Thursday, February 4, 2010

Stuff We Would Kiss On the Mouf: Street Style

Some Favey Crocketts from Stockholm and Jak & Jill.

If this isn't precious, I don't know what is. This is SO going to be little Miss Scarlett and me one of these days. I mean. The tiny ballet flats? The rolled skinnies? The TRENCH?????? The whole, "Mom - you are EMBARRASSING ME vibe?" Guh. From Stockholm Streetstyle.

From Stockholm Streetstyle

Streets of London might be a good name for a band (not as good as Pantyhose Jesus, but still...), but it is an even better place to see amazing fashion. Fo realz, the most gorgeous, best-dressed women I have personally ever seen were on the streets of London.

Those damn Brits are always smashing. Both of above from Jak & Jill.

I just want to smack that smug look off her face and steal her coat. From Stockholm Streetstyle

I hate this girl. Seriously. I mean honestly, WHO THROWS A SHOE????? Okay, that's a little inside joke that always cracks me up, from Austin Powers, but I think you get my drift. From Stockholm Streetstyle.