Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Stuff We Would Kiss On the Mouf: Irina. Wait - WHAT?

For reals. Meana Irina from Project Runway. Her fall 2010 collection? Gorge. I would wear every single piece. Love it. See for yourself, pics below are from Project Rungay. You can also read some heated debate about her use of fur and feathers. Personally, I love them - espesh the feathers.

Merci -

This is like a really fab sweater from 1977 that you find accidentally in a thrift store and thank your lucky stars. I am LOVING it with the leather leggings and boots. Hawt hawt hawt.

More drapey sweatery feathery goodness.

Sweet wind cries Mary - the ombre fur jacket? I just peed myself.

This is a LBD wrapped in a feather hug of a dress. Meluvs.

Graphic + Fabulous = Grabulous.

How many times can I say I LOVE her use of leatha. One more, I guess. Fo realz though, I love the combo of somewhat preppy grey flannel with rock chick badazz leather. And the cuffs on that jacket? For the love of Gil Gerard, they are like buttah.
Can we take a moment here though? Does anyone else think this model is actually Deputy Kimball from Reno 911?

No? Just me? Oh well....

Scary looking model - despite your hateful look, I still love what you are wearing.

This wins my coveted Best Use of Pheasant Feathers Since My Uncle's Stuffed Pheasant Hanging In The Den Just Above The Christmas Tree Bedecked With Shotgun Shells look.

Oh man, I think you all know how Amy and I feel about a reveal, but a reveal that reveals hidden feathers? Let me grab my Depends.
Lovely jubbly.

TWO fan-flipping-tastic dresses with feathers? I just shat myself. Wait, is it too early in the morning to admit that? Nah, I used shat, which sounds British, so it's okay. On that note, enjoy your day!


Mrs. M said...

Wow! I love love love it...I can't believe I would ever say that.

And she does look like that chick from Reno 911. Funny.

GiGi said...

I expect this entire collection to be available at the swap.