Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy Birfday

Happy Birfday to my Amy. I made you this cookie cake since you don't KNOW what a cookie cake is. That makes me sad for you. I only WISH I had the one from my sixth grade birthday with a giant roller skate on it, because that nonsense was the shiz-nit. Though if it was the one from my sixth grade birthday, it would also be somewhat stale by now, which would NOT be good. Still, I hope you enjoy this one.

Ames: Awww, thanks, Peanut. I tode you I know what a giant cookie is, I just have never heard it referred to as a "cookie cake" durrrrr. In any case, I loves it and promise to share and give you all the balloons since they have all the icing parts you dig.

I am also wearing my sequin legwarmers and sequin beret in honor of you. I hope that's not overkill, to wear both. Wait - what am I saying? Of COURSE it's not.

Ames: You're wearing my EXACT birthday outfit! Wonder Twin Power!

Even the gals at the office said to wish you HBGF (Happy Birthday Girlfriend). They craaaaazy like dat.
Ames: Oh I know Anthony did NOT call in sick on my birthday. He never did like sharing the spotlight. What a diva.

I've got to rush to get out of the office today though, because I'm going to work out
Ames: It's because of the cookie cake, isn't it? ISN'T IT?

and then we're going to Olan Mills to get the annual family portrait taken. This was our favey crockett from last year. I realize the boys aren't in it, but they were knocking portraiture off the walls at this point, so unfortch this is what we ended up with. Isn't Scarlett the CUTEST? And Tom? Hubba hubba - what a FOX.
Ames: I just wish you all would have made your hair bigger.
Anyhoozle - Love Ya Like Tuna Noodle Casserole (and that's a LOT)!!!!
Ames: Thanks for this birthday trip chock full o'wishes and giggles. LYLTNC!


GiGi said...

happy happy birthday to shan's imaginary friend.

Jill said...

OH the hair!!

Happy Birthday!

MerciBlahBlah said...

Thanks for the wishes, fishes!

(I am a real girl, G. You'll see in a few weeks. Please don't pinch me.)

- Ames