Sunday, February 21, 2010

Get Your Swagger On

I'm so in love with these commercials that I cannot get to embed to SAVE MY LIFE, Blogger. Grrrrr.

And as much as I love to call your ride the Tripenator, The Mystery Machine and The Sweet Pickles Van, Shan, I think we can all agree that if ANYONE gets their swagger on, it is you my friend.

Rollin' with my homies.

Peace out, Ames

Is that the guy from the Sonic commercials who I have a wee crush on? I love him. I love that commercial you just linked to. Nope, had never seen it before. HI-larious. And you say Swag Wag, I say Pearl (that's what I call her). I know, I know - Pearl isn't the swaggest of names, but she can be feisty when she wants to. For instance, if I'm backing too close to something, Driving Miss Daisy she can sure shriek up a storm.

Now if Pearl could just convert to a magical crib that the boyz in our hood could not climb out of, life would be grand. Yep, that's where we are as of this morning. Just spent the night with both boys in our bed because we CANNOT keep them in their crib. Ask me how much sleep I got with Gavin kicking me in the back and whacking me in the head all night. Not. Much. Must. Mainline. Coffee.

Also - on a Trips sidenote - I took them all three to the grocery store BY MYSELF for the first time ever on Thursday. They are 21 months. My friends who had children the smart way (i.e., one at a time) probably think nothing of taking their babies to the store, but I can tell you, I was ascairt. As soon as we pulled into the parking lot and I start unloading babies into the stroller, Scarlett started screaming her head off. I was committed at that point, however, and forged ahead. Luckily she stopped once we started moving.

However, and this is also something those with one baby probably don't get, it is a FREAK SHOW trying to take them all out at once. I can assure you, anytime The Hubs and I have done it, we get at least one idiotic comment (if not several), every time, not to mention strangers who come up and ask if we had fertility drugs to end up with three. Seriously, strange man who I have never laid eyes on? Is it really your bidness if I did? Would you ask the couple with one baby that same question? Hells no.

BUT I DIGRESS. So, get in the store, man immediately walks up and says, "Are they twins?"

Me: Uh, noooo, they're triplets.

Strange Man: Are they all boys? Girls?

(Let me state for the record that Scarlett was wearing a pink dress, tights, pink cowboy boots, and a purple coat. The boys both had on overalls and jackets. Obviously different).

Me: They are two identical boys and a girl.

Strange Man: Oh, they come in that combination?

Me: Staring.....hard....scratching head....Yes, they come in all different combinations.

You see!!!! I am not lying. Every frigging time. My cousin has suggested I get tee shirts made up that say: Yes, they're triplets. Boy, Boy, Girl (they DO come in that combination), and it's noneya bizness whether we took drugs or not...


Ames, I sorry I just highjacked that post.


Charity said...

You girls crack me up! Thanks for the laughs!