Monday, January 11, 2010

Uh, YUM.

This is my entry in the Thai Noodle Shoup weekend, that I got from my brotha from anotha motha Gigi, and the hilarious bloggity-ogg My Favorite and My Best from which she got the deeee-lish recipe here. I altered mine slightly from My Favorite's and did NOT add mushrooms, which I LOATHE (it's a texture thang), and DID add some tiger prawns. Y to the U to the MMMMmmmmm.

I beleeeeb Amy and her mister were going to try out the recipe their damn selves this weekend as well. Mayhaps she will weigh in with her own review and photos (HINT, HINT).....



(Not actual photo.)

Dear Shan,

Why yes we did make the soup o'wonder. Last night. It.Was.Delish. We, too, added some srimps (as we like to call them because you know we tend to either make up words, change words or talk in voices at the Belle Isle house). I also gave all the mushrooms to Pablo since I'm not a fan either and he's a real Fun Gi. Yes, I just said that.

Unfortunately la tienda only had the skinny rice noodles, so we had to use those. Mind you, still tasty, but can see how it would be even more so with the wide noodles. It's going in our rotation file fo sho though.

Next time a little heads up on the photojournalism assignment though, okay there, Steven Meisel? Thanks. Mwwwwwwwwwah.



Wait - so you're saying your photo above is NOT an actual photo? It is SO real I had to look twice, because you KNOW you are always wearing your lipstick drawn in a squiggly line all around yo mouf, espesh if you've had a few too many Mad Dog 20/20s under your belt. And boy DO I know how you and Pablo like zee voices of many accents all up in yo casa. It's like a regular two-man show around there. Ya'll should take that act to vaudville. Just leave the schoup for me.