Monday, January 4, 2010

Stuff We Would Kiss On the Mouf: Shades of Gray

Photo from my new favorite time waster, StyleCaster.

or Grey, if you're British, or an Earl...

My love affair with gray continues into 2010. I sometimes wonder if my wardrobe isn't going to be overcome with gray. Here are a few of my favey crocketts. I think gray boots first hit my radar screen when I saw them on - of course - The Glamourai. While I would love a pair of grey boots like her Coach pair, the el cheapos below from
ZooShoo (which is another post entirely) fit my wallet a weeeee bit better. Don't get me wrong - just one time in my life I would love a pair of ridiculously expensive shoes, but at this point, I'm happy to wear a $28 pair of trendy shoes that I will be tired of next year. Thanks to my sis Jen for introducing me to The Zoo. Holy crapoli.
$22 on ZooShoo, you say? Yes, pease.
Whoa - a whopping $30 - better save your money for these babies...

These were just delivered to my door the other day. I big giant puffy heart them.

Kimberly Batwing tunic from Karmaloop. I think I have already featured this before, but it's so nice we'll show it twice.

New on Lulu's - fricking CUTE grey dress trimmed in sparkles. What could be better?



Da Fashionista said...

loves. and you have THE best blog name eva.

thanks for the link, kiss!