Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Stuff We Do In Private: A More Convenient Truth

Yep, that's right - it's "let's share our e-mails with the WORLD" time here at MBB.

Subject: Can I Save the Planet In the Spring?

From Shan: Our recycle bin is waaay at the back of our parking lot, and I am NOT carrying my recycle through the snow and ice to dump it. Sorrrrry, planet!

Natasha:“Um, Planet??? Global WARMING??? Yeah – what’s up with that?”

Amy: Seriously. Can a planet get a little global warming up in herrre?

Shannan: DOH - that's what SHE said.

Amy: heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Shannan: I can already tell this convo is going straight to MBB.

Amy: Oh great, now I have to be casually funny.

Shannan: I know - it'll be a stretch.

Amy: Like trying to not look like you tried so hard to have the best outfit.

Natasha: What if we were to get a group of people to empty an entire can of Aquanet hair spray, aerosol of course, outside. Do you think we’d warm up?

Amy: How big is this can?


Anonymous said...

Is this hat pic in my honor. Unfortch, my hat is snow white Arctic Fox not a beautiful brown. I wonder if she was shopping with Kurt in Kiev?

MerciBlahBlah said...

Will wonders never cease? I can't believe you actually commented. Yep, I DID put this particular pic up with you and your Q-Tip in mind.
Your Sissie