Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Red Carpet Recap Part Deux: Golden Globes

Here we go for round two. These are some of my faves of the night, and what I decided after going back through the photos this morning was that it wasn't the dresses that blew me away - it was the jewreys. Seriously? Those earrings that Julianne Moore and Courtney Cox wore? Guh. And Julia Roberts' necklace? I think I just blacked out AND peed myself. Off we go!

Drew Barrymore: Of the dresses, this one was my favorite, even with the "sea anemonies/hedgehog growths." I think part of it is that Drew just has the personality to carry almost anything off, and part of it is she is so frigging ADORABLE and curvy and gorgeous and just like cream cheese that you want to eat her up.

Ames: I concur. Love the dress. Love Drew. Love her lithp. She just radiates. Plus, I'm sure she'd love to hang out with us if she met us. You and I both know it's true.

Julianne Moore: Didn't even get a photo of the dress, because it was the earrings that I loved. For the love of Fred Flintstone, those rocks are amazing.

Ames: Word.

Julia Roberts: Note to Julia: You missed the board meeting - these are the GOLDEN GLOBES. Still, I thought she was the most glorious under-dressed celeb there. Her hair is amazing, but puh-leeze, can we just observe a moment of silence for that effing necklace? It was hands down my FAVORITE thing of the night. Ames, you and I are in complete agreement here.

Dammit - I peed myself again.

Ames: Yep, sticking to our earlier convo. Favorite thing of the entire night in terms of fashion. My eyes don't even believe what they are seeing. Is it a necklace or a unicorn? It's that magical, people.

Courtney Cox: Can we just ponder for a moment that this woman is 45-frigging years old? Crap on a stick - she is AMAZING. Her body is sick, and those earrings? Well, let's just say I'd better go grab my Depends.

Ames: She is unreal. Seriously, is she real? Those earrings are right behind Julia's necklace on my list of things I'd steal if I were a a jewrie thief. Which, I might become after seeing those pieces. Or wait for knock-offs coming out in 3....2.....1....

Monique: Gorgeous. I did not love the color of the dress, but the silhouette was fantastic on her. Her makeup, her eyes, the simple hair, perfection. I haven't seen Precious yet, but I swear the clip they showed made me cry. I can't wait to see it.

Ames: As much as I cry, I'm afeared to see Precious, to be honest. I will, but I'm afeared. I mean what happens if I see it and actually LIKE Mariah Carey. Shudder. My world will turn upside down. Happy for Mo'Nique regardless.

Michael C. Hall: Heart, heart, heart. Love. Him. SOOO glad he and John Lithgow won for Dexter, and dammit, DEXTER should've won best drama. I was sad to see him looking not as healthy as we're used to seeing him, but rock on witcho bad self for not letting a little cancer keep you down, bro. Much love.

Ames: He to making me cry. So happy for him. Incredibly well-deserved. If ya'll don't watch Dexter then go read another blog. Okay, you can stay...just get the dee bee dees. Killer. Literally.

Helen Mirren: Amazing and elegant and appropriate at every single event.
Ames: She really, really is. Just spot on every.single.time.

Halle Berry: That shiz is just not right.
Ames: Not a fan of this but dang she purty.
Anna Paquin: Probably my second favorite dress of the night, minus those black shoes. Love the deep vee, and I think you all know how I feel about the sequins.

Ames: Just stop it dress. Just stop. I don't know what I love more, the fact that this is sequin or that it is textured sequin. I mean, really, that's like putting a sweet potato inside ANOTHER sweet potato. Yum. But those shoes are just 31 flavors of wrong with this dress.


Chris @ Celebrations At Home said...

Let's hear it for the girls over 40!!! Courtney has never looked better, and Halle with her VaVaVoom dress is sick! Did you SEE the back of her dress?
Julia Roberts, I think I wore that dress to a job interview.

BTW, waiting patiently for Project Runway recap....

MerciBlahBlah said...

Uh ohhhhh....I don't know if we're doing PR recaps this time around. I don't think I have it in me again after last season....

Amy? What do you think?