Sunday, January 24, 2010

Red Carpet Recap: 2010 SAG Awards

ANOTHER red carpet recap? Stop the madness!!

Anna Paquin in Alexander McQueen
Shan: Want. This. Dress. Hands down my favorite on the red carpet. Her body is suh-LAMMIN, and the only thing I would change for red carpet would be to have worn this dress in floor length. Only then you wouldn't be able to see those SICK shoes, and that would be a crying shame. Still, I love the plunging neckline, LOVE that print, and love the fact that this doesn't look like every other pretty-pretty princess-I'm a Hollywood-starlet gown.

Kate Hudson in Emilio Pucci
Shan: I swear, Kate Hudson is morphing into Goldie Hawn before our very eyes. I loves me a secret reveal on a dress, and this one doesn't disappoint. Demure, almost old Hollywood glam from the front, KAPOW from the back. Love the lariat necklace she is wearing backwards too. So Frigging. Cool.

Lea Michelle in Catherine Malandrino
Shan: I may be the only person in America who doesn't watch Glee, but let me say that I can't wait for season 1 to come out on DVD so I can have a Glee-a-thon. Lea Michelle looks GORGEOUS. This dress has the holy trinity of fabulousness: color (that color makes me swoon), plunging neckline (see Anna Paquin above), and ruffles (do I really need to explain this one?).

Toni Collette in Rafael Cennamo
Shan: Toni Collette is unconventionally pretty (aka Hollywood speak for "not botoxed beyond belief"), and she is such an amazing character actress, that when you see her all fancied up, she blows you away. I love her here - her hair is glorious, and the more I look at the dress, the more I like it. I am really digging the ruffled tiers. Duh.

Drew Barrymore in Monique Lhuillier
Shan: Drew, Drew, Drew. You were doing SO well on the red carpet, and then this happened. It's not the dress so much as it is the hair and makeup. You know I love you. I think on the red carpet you have been smoking the competition, but sigh....I don't know what to say...I hate the lipstick that just blends into your face. I mean, you have an AMAZING Clara Bow mouth, and you can't even tell here! Oh well, maybe next time...

Christina Applegate in Roberto Cavalli
Shan: Christina Applegate, while always slightly safe on the carpet, always looks gorgeous and glam and fantastic. This is no exception. Elegant.

Sandra Bullock in Alexander McQueen
Shan: Why Sandra Bullock looks like she is posing for her driver's license photo in a spectacular gown, I have no idea. Spectacular it is. She is looking better and better, and this dress is my favorite of hers yet. Love the silhouette and the electric blue detail on the neckline. Well played!

Meryl Streep in Balenciaga
Shan: Meryl is always hit or miss for me, but I have to say I really love this dress on her, minus the belt. Love the pattern and the deep vee (derp derp derp). Go on witcho bad self, woman.

Penelope Cruz in L'Wren Scott
Shan: There is no denying that Penelope Cruz is a glorious speciman of a woman, and the older she gets, the more beautiful she gets. Howevaaaah, the length of this dress is a little old ladyish for me. I wish she would bring back some of those vintage gowns she has worn in the past. Let's keep our fingers crossed for the Oscars.....


Style Scout said...

OK, did these ladies get the 2 award shows mixed up? They all look WAYYYYY better for the SAG's than they did at the GG awards!!! DYING over Kate Hudson's dress and yes, Shannan you need to start watching Glee. You will pee your pants it is so funny. I think Drew and Toni both look crazy stunning.