Monday, January 18, 2010

Red Carpet Recap: 2010 Golden Globes

Lord have mercy, we have a lot of recapping to do, so I'm going to break this into a coupla different posts. We'll start with some honorable (or dishonorable) mentions, and then move on to our Favey Crocketts. Ames, feel free to add in where you see fit!


Okee, trying to catch up here from being out of the town, so here are my snippets on these as well.

- Ames

Zoe Saldana: I take back what I said in the Critics' Choice post. What did you do? Break into the old timey photo booth and steal a saloon girl costume to wear? Me no likey. The good thing - I FINALLY know who you are - Avatar girl. Speaking of Avatar - was anyone else creeped out by James Cameron and his wife? They won my coveted "worst hair of the evening" award.

Ames: It's weird when we don't agree. I feel so scared. I love this dress though. I think part of the issue is that the beauty that is Zoe Saldana needs an IV drip filled with sammiches. It's perhaps a bit much for her tiny frame, but I love this dress and the color with which it is made.

Olivia Wilde: I personally do not get all the fuss about Olivia Wilde. Sure, she's pretty, but I don't think she's the hottest burrito on the block. I do like her sparkley dress and 60s hurrdo, but it wasn't my fave-o of the night.

Ames: This is disco fabulous.

Maggie Gyllenhal: In Rouland Mouret. This is a really cool, architectural dress, but what keeps it (for me) from being REALLY great is the color. I'm not big on the whole "my dress matches my skin" thang. Her skin tone is so fair, I think the dress would've been more striking in a bold color.
Ames: Yep, color isn't doing it for me but the dress is divinely constructed.

Jennifer Aniston: Glorious hair, so-so dress. I mean, I am Team Aniston all the way, but I really wish she would mix it up now and then.
Ames: Work it. Did anyone else think they may have seen all her "Friends" when she walked out on stage? Yowza.

Ginnifer Goodwin: Totally becoming one of my faves on the red carpet. I always look foward to seeing what she is wearing, and she is REALLY coming into her own. LOVE the hair - sooooo Audrey Hepburn ingenue fabulous, the color of her dress is smashing, but I think it's the biggish drapy hips that take away from it just a bit for me. She's not a teeny tiny girl, and I don't think the draping does her any favors.
Ames: She really is stunning. To have that haircut and be that cute...just not fair. I find it refreshing that she isn't one of the girls you'd be afraid to hug lest she break. Not my faves but she's just too darn cute.

Christina Aguilera: I L-O-V-E Christina, but when I saw her, I thought "huh, it looks like she only has one boob covered," and a minute later, the Hubs said, "it looks like her boob is popping out." I'm also not loving the hurrdo. I think it is too matronly, but I did appreciate that she was not wearing her day-glo red lipstick. I think she is so pretty in softer makeup. I also had no idea she would be presenting with Morticia Adams.

Ames: I don't care for this as much here as on stage. I was floored when she walked out. I think the dress is amazing, her hair and makeup SUCH a nice change and I can't remember when she's looked mo bettah.

Chloe Sevigny: I know she pushes the box fashion wise, but I did not love this rufflicious dress. Again, I think it was the color - kind of drab and washed out, and I was both entertained and embarrassed when she screeched at the guy who stepped on her dress as she was accepting her award. I mean, YOU ARE A GIANT WALKING RUFFLE, woman - what did you think? That NO ONE would step on your dress? Show a little decorum next time!

Ames: This looked better on stage to me because when she walked up and it was all flouncy in her was dreamy. I just hope she meant "Giggle, I can't believe he just ripped my dress." and not "YO, DBAG, I can't believe you just ripped my dress." I felt badly for that dude. I bet he felt like he wanted the stage to swallow him. Poor little buddy.

Cameron Diaz: This isn't the best photo of her dress, but I really liked it. The silouhette was very 1940s glam. I didn't love her hair - it looked like she just pulled it back in a bun herself, but I can give a little leeway because of the weather, and also because Cameron seems like the kind of girl who just has that hair that isn't always perfect like SOME people we know (Cat Deeley, I'm looking at you).
Ames: I thought when she was on stage it was pulling in the front and that threw me off, but in photos I likey it more and more. I love the rounded shoulders. (Sidebar: Does it look like she's had work done lately to anyone else? As in, she shouldn't have?)