Friday, January 29, 2010

Girl Crush #837: Nicole Richie

I'm sorry, but could she BE any cuter? I don't think so. I have no idea why this is all underlining. Blogger, you suck.



Someonnnnnnnnnnnne got these from dlisted today, didn't they? I was so gonna post this. For reals. She is beyond in these photos. Be.Yond. That second one kills me.

Have fun at girl's night tonight with the KC girls. Miss me. Eat a cupcake for me.



Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Blue Notebook

"The books we need are of the kind that act upon us like a misfortune, that make us suffer like the death of someone we love more than ourselves, that make us feel as though we were on the verge of suicide, or lost in a forest remote from all human habitation -- a book should serve as an ax for the frozen sea within us." ---Franz Kafka

Amy and I started this blog as a way to write about silly, trivial things like fashion and celebrity and pretty things. However, please allow me to be maudlin and serious for just one post. Recently, I finished listening to the audio book for The Blue Notebook, by James A. Levine, M.D. Dr. Levine is based out of the Mayo Clinic, and has traveled to Mumbai, India, where he interviewed children who live on Mumbai's "Street of Cages," a red-light district where a half a million prostitutes ply their trade from tiny cages that line the street. One of the girls he interviewed, a 15-year old, was the impetus for The Blue Notebook, which tells the story of a girl who is sold into prostitution at age 9 by her father.

The book, while a fictionalized account, is based on very real circumstances that take place countless times to numerous girls and boys every day on the Street of Cages. It was horrific, graphic, intensely moving, but most of all haunting. My heart ached while listening to it, and many times I had to stop to get away from it, but I felt like I needed to finish it. My heart ached for the main character, just a year older than my beloved niece, who was constantly in my head. My heart aches to wonder "what can I possibly do to help? what can one person do?" Do I donate money? Definitely. What else? Will the little bit that I can do even make a difference? Do I raise my own children as best I can so that they are good people who care about others and their world around them? I am doing the best I can. It is a helpless feeling, this ache to try and help someone I don't know and will probably never meet. Thank God for Amy, who when I spoke to her about my helpless feeling said, "Lot of little makes a lot."

Is The Blue Notebook a book you recommend that someone else read? I can't really say that. It is not one that you want to read, but it is one that you need to read. It is an atrocity that is all too real, like what has happened in Haiti, like war or terrorism, and make no mistake, it is not an atrocity that only happens in a far away place. Yes, child prostitution is a taboo subject in the United States, but children are exploited here every single day.

My hope in writing this post is that one of our readers will be compelled to get involved, will be angered to do something productive. My hope is that this book, this subject, will be the ax for the frozen sea within us all.

100% of the proceeds from U.S. sales go towards helping missing and exploited children.

For more information on missing and exploited children, visit

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

500 Days of Joseph Gordon Halibut

Ames here. Yes, I exist.

This Saturday night was one of those perfectly and simply lovely nights at home with the Mister. It could have only been more perfect with more wine, or at least wine that wasn't perfectly portion-controlled and calorie counted because I am NOT EVEN playin' around with the quest to find my abs again right now.

(To recap: Week 3 results - down 6.6 lbs total, 1" off waist, ~3" off hips and a billion inches more proud of myself. And, when my trainer was measuring my waist, she said "those weren't there 3 weeks ago" - pointing to my little lines o'definition on my belly. Wheeeeeee. I peed a little.)

But, I digress to impress. This Saturday night was full of this new entry to my "list" :

Seriously, who wants to back me up on this? He's the bees knees.

in this tres adorable movie we finally watched:

and accompanied by this new recipe below that had a serious case of the yums. Again, sorry for no picture of my food. If it would help, I can take a picture of my steel cut oats and blueberries tomorrow. Exciting stuff.

Trust me though, the lack of picture isn't reflective or the plenty of good. Make this.

Halibut – Spiced Steaks


1½ - 2 pounds fresh halibut steaks
2 tablespoons vegetable oil
1 small onion, finely chopped
1 tablespoon red or green chili pepper, deseeded and thinly sliced
2 tablespoons curry powder
½ teaspoon ground cumin
2 tablespoons lemon juice
salt and black pepper to taste
fresh lemon wedges, for garnish


Heat oil in a pan. Add onion, chilies, curry, cumin, salt and pepper, and cook 2-3 minutes. Remove mixture from pan and stir in lemon juice.

Coat halibut steaks with mixture. Cover and refrigerate for a minimum of 2 hours. (Or overnight like the crazies we are.)
Preheat grill. Place steaks on a grill pan and cook at a moderately hot to hot grill for 10-12 minutes, turning once. Brush with remaining marinade.

Serve with lemon wedges for garnish.

Shan Here:
Amy, you say? I believe we may co-write this blog together, but I don't quite recognize you. That's probably because I haven't seen you around these parts lately, and partly because YOU ARE MELTING AWAY BEFORE MY VERY EYES. Seriously, woman, you had better not show up on my doorstep in March just a fabulous pile of hair. For realsies, it's like the Biggest Loser all up in the hizz-ouse (I seem to remember that you love when I get all Puff Daddy on yo azz). In all seriousness, you know I'm ecstatic for you (and would be more able to show it if I weren't on a self-imposed sugar exile myself). I have a few "lines of definition" on my belly myself. And by "lines of definition" I mean "stretch marks" and faint remnants of "airbrush abs."

Let's move on to something more appetizing, Joseph Gordon Cutiepants. Haven't seen the movie yet (check back in about a year), but after seeing him on the Golden Globes, I decided he has the smiliest eyes evah. Oh Ames, our little boy from A River Runs Through It is all growed up.

Finally, just for the halibut, let's talk about your dinner. Uh, YUM. I can't WAIT for you to make it for me in March.


Random Inspiration

Love the contrast between the bohemian, textured layering going on in two photos below with the buttoned-down tailored look of the other three photos.

From Stockholm Streetstyle

From Stockholm Streetstyle

From Stockholm Streetstyle

Does anyone else get a Mickey Rourke vibe in his glory days (a la Nine 1/2 Weeks) from this guy, or is it just me?
From The Sartorialist


Monday, January 25, 2010

New Favey Crockett

I don't know why I didn't see any photos of Nicole Kidman at the 2010 SAG Awards, but this Oscar de la Renta maaay have just bumped Anna Paquin from the number one slot. First of all, thank the HEBBINS that she has gone back to her Moulin Rouge red hurr. Secondly, I am loving the boho glam she has going on here - very different for her. Hollaaaaa!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Red Carpet Recap: 2010 SAG Awards

ANOTHER red carpet recap? Stop the madness!!

Anna Paquin in Alexander McQueen
Shan: Want. This. Dress. Hands down my favorite on the red carpet. Her body is suh-LAMMIN, and the only thing I would change for red carpet would be to have worn this dress in floor length. Only then you wouldn't be able to see those SICK shoes, and that would be a crying shame. Still, I love the plunging neckline, LOVE that print, and love the fact that this doesn't look like every other pretty-pretty princess-I'm a Hollywood-starlet gown.

Kate Hudson in Emilio Pucci
Shan: I swear, Kate Hudson is morphing into Goldie Hawn before our very eyes. I loves me a secret reveal on a dress, and this one doesn't disappoint. Demure, almost old Hollywood glam from the front, KAPOW from the back. Love the lariat necklace she is wearing backwards too. So Frigging. Cool.

Lea Michelle in Catherine Malandrino
Shan: I may be the only person in America who doesn't watch Glee, but let me say that I can't wait for season 1 to come out on DVD so I can have a Glee-a-thon. Lea Michelle looks GORGEOUS. This dress has the holy trinity of fabulousness: color (that color makes me swoon), plunging neckline (see Anna Paquin above), and ruffles (do I really need to explain this one?).

Toni Collette in Rafael Cennamo
Shan: Toni Collette is unconventionally pretty (aka Hollywood speak for "not botoxed beyond belief"), and she is such an amazing character actress, that when you see her all fancied up, she blows you away. I love her here - her hair is glorious, and the more I look at the dress, the more I like it. I am really digging the ruffled tiers. Duh.

Drew Barrymore in Monique Lhuillier
Shan: Drew, Drew, Drew. You were doing SO well on the red carpet, and then this happened. It's not the dress so much as it is the hair and makeup. You know I love you. I think on the red carpet you have been smoking the competition, but sigh....I don't know what to say...I hate the lipstick that just blends into your face. I mean, you have an AMAZING Clara Bow mouth, and you can't even tell here! Oh well, maybe next time...

Christina Applegate in Roberto Cavalli
Shan: Christina Applegate, while always slightly safe on the carpet, always looks gorgeous and glam and fantastic. This is no exception. Elegant.

Sandra Bullock in Alexander McQueen
Shan: Why Sandra Bullock looks like she is posing for her driver's license photo in a spectacular gown, I have no idea. Spectacular it is. She is looking better and better, and this dress is my favorite of hers yet. Love the silhouette and the electric blue detail on the neckline. Well played!

Meryl Streep in Balenciaga
Shan: Meryl is always hit or miss for me, but I have to say I really love this dress on her, minus the belt. Love the pattern and the deep vee (derp derp derp). Go on witcho bad self, woman.

Penelope Cruz in L'Wren Scott
Shan: There is no denying that Penelope Cruz is a glorious speciman of a woman, and the older she gets, the more beautiful she gets. Howevaaaah, the length of this dress is a little old ladyish for me. I wish she would bring back some of those vintage gowns she has worn in the past. Let's keep our fingers crossed for the Oscars.....

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Stuff We Do In Private

And now, for another installment of Let's Share Our Hilarious E-mails With The World.


Amy: 123letsgohome.

Shannan: I am ALL for that.

Amy: OMG. We are SO alike. We should start a blog. I just thought of something to tell you and just forgot it. true story

Shannan: yesssss go ONNNNNNNNNN

Amy: no, that was a true story that I forgot my story. i started some adds to your post but will finish later or tonight. i could go on and on though so will prob save some loves/hates for later posts. so much to say on those topics

hot topics

hot pockets

pop tarts filled with nasty meat

Shannan: blech

Amy: hot pocket - you HAVE seen Jim Gaffigan, right? speaking of funny. pbi and i got tix to demetri martin in may. i cited.

Shannan: whoseee whatsit?

Amy: jim or demetri? or both?

Shannan: jim

Amy: one of the funniest evah.

Shannan: I know of this demetri of which you speak

Amy: good. i was ascairt. jim just had a King Baby special on comedy central. to burn you cd's. he hiLARious. his hot pocket riff is genius. to look up on youtube please. it is the funnies.

Shannan: I wish my boss weren't standing in view of my computer right now...

Amy: doh

Shannan: if I disappear for a while, that's why...

Amy: i wish my boss was named my name
Okee. p to the feet hurt from saturday night. the end. And i have to go pee.

Shannan: uh oh

Amy: mo water, mo problems.

Shannan: did you wear zee shoes of pain?

Amy: mmmmmmmm hmmmmmmm. they weren't really thaaaaaaaat terrible. it was just all the hours and back and forth in them. i was bizzy. hope someone got a cute picture b/c my jacket is the fun.

Shannan: was that white tuxedo jacket/rock tee/new shooties outfit night? and tell me again what for you were dressed up? I can barely keep my own exciting nights straight, let alone anyone else's. are you STILL peeing, for the love of John Stamos?????

(14 minutes)

Amy: sorry, jeff stopped by so we were chit chatting about really unimportant things. he funny. dude, it was my BIG FUNDRAISER. Thanks for caring. snifflety sniff. and here i was just telling jeff just NOW about how we met online



Shannan: Sweet Wind Cries Mary, you have something different going on every weekend, I cannot keep them all straight!


Amy: yes, it is.

Shannan: I mean, NO!!!

Amy: but a little.

Shannan: well, sometimes

Amy: usually

Shannan: now and then. did you also tell Jeff about our HILARIOUS new blog? and is he now a stalker on it? he should be. if he's THAT funny.

Amy: speaking of. I was so exhausted from working so hard for MY BIG FUNDRAISER that I cleaned house yesterday and then plopped on the couch and watched the SATC movie.

no, but i'm about to send to him. - twas a loverly Sunday afternoon of frivolity.


Amy: did Tom watch?

Shannan: it was worth it just for the clothes


he did

Amy: you keep him. PBI would NEVER watch that.

Shannan: of course, it took us allll weekend to watch it b/c of babies. he even made me rewind back to the part he missed when he fell asleep in it the first time. I was surprised. tis sad that PBI wouldn't watch it wiv out.

Amy: i could tell i was on post-exhaustion/mid-exhaustion mode b/c I cried through the whole thing. for real.

Shannan: you big bawl baby

Amy: more fun to watch alone with my woobie than hear his comments. i yam.

Shannan: as opposed to Gavin, who is a big ball baby

Amy: it was sad in parts. sue me.

Shannan: and by that I mean he cannot keep his wee hands off his wee-nie when I change his diaper these days. typical man.

Amy: te he. to sampling the franks and beans.

Shannan: dude. I mean come ON.

Amy: I need to log off and really have no good segue from your son playing with himself.

Shannan: I know, it's hard, isn't it. BWAH - okay, that's just not right. bye bye now.

Amy: it's not. bye for now

Shannan: sniffle, sniff..... I'll be okay. Don't worry about me. I'll pull through somehow...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Red Carpet Recap: Golden Globes Miscellaneous

And now for some miscellaneous pics and thoughts that didn't really fit into the other recap posts.... Double thumbs up indeed, me laddo. Ricky Gervais, you sir, are BRILLS. Espesh your joke about liking a drink as much as the next man. Unless the next man is Mel Gibson. BWAH!

Let me begin by saying that I have loved Jeff Bridges ever since he looked like this:

in one of my favorite movies of all time, Against All Odds. I didn't think it was possible to love him even more, until after his Sightly Older Version of Jeff Spicoli How Beautiful Is My Wife acceptance speech. Jeff, you had me at "Whoa, dude..."

Annalynne McWHO? Sistah, I don't know who you are, but I thought you might like to know there are horribly stiff Grecian claws grabbing your Golden Globes in full view of everyone at the after party.
P.S. Glenn Close would like her Fatal Attraction wig back.
Whoseewhatsit???? What da hail is Lindsay Lohan doing in this post? Well, I'll tell you. I saw a thumbnail of this pic from the after party photos, and thought, "Oh, Pink looks really cute," and then realized it was LiLo. I grudgingly had to admit that I STILL thought she looked cute in the sparkly hooded dress. I can't help myself. Amy - I am ascairt. Hold me....

Camilla Belle, Golden Globes After Par-tay: She really DOES look adorable. Loves everything about this lil number...the origamiriffic Asiantasticness just won't stop.

Mindy Kaling: Well, well, well...aren't you a breath of fresh air? Why yes, yes you are. A cutie patootie indeed.

That concludes our Golden Globes recaps. I think we've done enough damage, don't you?


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The I Don't Get It Award Goes to....

Diane Kruger. I know people are loving her style lately, but I am not one of them.

Ames - do you want to weigh in?
I weighed in this morning and lost another lb. That is 5.2 in two weeks. OH, not that kind of weigh in. But, that is a true story. Yay me. Only 537 more to go.
I actually do think DK(one) wears some pretty smoking ensembles most of the time. I sort of get this and sort of don't. So, I guess mostly not. I'm really confused apparently. And, no, in spite of your peer pressure, I didn't even get the nitrous at the dentist just now.

Now THIS I Can Get On Board With

Zoe Saldana, well played.


Best dress of the Golden Globes that wasn't at the Golden Globes. It must be heaaaaavy though. Poor thing is falling ovah.



Red Carpet Recap Part Deux: Golden Globes

Here we go for round two. These are some of my faves of the night, and what I decided after going back through the photos this morning was that it wasn't the dresses that blew me away - it was the jewreys. Seriously? Those earrings that Julianne Moore and Courtney Cox wore? Guh. And Julia Roberts' necklace? I think I just blacked out AND peed myself. Off we go!

Drew Barrymore: Of the dresses, this one was my favorite, even with the "sea anemonies/hedgehog growths." I think part of it is that Drew just has the personality to carry almost anything off, and part of it is she is so frigging ADORABLE and curvy and gorgeous and just like cream cheese that you want to eat her up.

Ames: I concur. Love the dress. Love Drew. Love her lithp. She just radiates. Plus, I'm sure she'd love to hang out with us if she met us. You and I both know it's true.

Julianne Moore: Didn't even get a photo of the dress, because it was the earrings that I loved. For the love of Fred Flintstone, those rocks are amazing.

Ames: Word.

Julia Roberts: Note to Julia: You missed the board meeting - these are the GOLDEN GLOBES. Still, I thought she was the most glorious under-dressed celeb there. Her hair is amazing, but puh-leeze, can we just observe a moment of silence for that effing necklace? It was hands down my FAVORITE thing of the night. Ames, you and I are in complete agreement here.

Dammit - I peed myself again.

Ames: Yep, sticking to our earlier convo. Favorite thing of the entire night in terms of fashion. My eyes don't even believe what they are seeing. Is it a necklace or a unicorn? It's that magical, people.

Courtney Cox: Can we just ponder for a moment that this woman is 45-frigging years old? Crap on a stick - she is AMAZING. Her body is sick, and those earrings? Well, let's just say I'd better go grab my Depends.

Ames: She is unreal. Seriously, is she real? Those earrings are right behind Julia's necklace on my list of things I'd steal if I were a a jewrie thief. Which, I might become after seeing those pieces. Or wait for knock-offs coming out in 3....2.....1....

Monique: Gorgeous. I did not love the color of the dress, but the silhouette was fantastic on her. Her makeup, her eyes, the simple hair, perfection. I haven't seen Precious yet, but I swear the clip they showed made me cry. I can't wait to see it.

Ames: As much as I cry, I'm afeared to see Precious, to be honest. I will, but I'm afeared. I mean what happens if I see it and actually LIKE Mariah Carey. Shudder. My world will turn upside down. Happy for Mo'Nique regardless.

Michael C. Hall: Heart, heart, heart. Love. Him. SOOO glad he and John Lithgow won for Dexter, and dammit, DEXTER should've won best drama. I was sad to see him looking not as healthy as we're used to seeing him, but rock on witcho bad self for not letting a little cancer keep you down, bro. Much love.

Ames: He to making me cry. So happy for him. Incredibly well-deserved. If ya'll don't watch Dexter then go read another blog. Okay, you can stay...just get the dee bee dees. Killer. Literally.

Helen Mirren: Amazing and elegant and appropriate at every single event.
Ames: She really, really is. Just spot on every.single.time.

Halle Berry: That shiz is just not right.
Ames: Not a fan of this but dang she purty.
Anna Paquin: Probably my second favorite dress of the night, minus those black shoes. Love the deep vee, and I think you all know how I feel about the sequins.

Ames: Just stop it dress. Just stop. I don't know what I love more, the fact that this is sequin or that it is textured sequin. I mean, really, that's like putting a sweet potato inside ANOTHER sweet potato. Yum. But those shoes are just 31 flavors of wrong with this dress.

Monday, January 18, 2010

I'm Sorry But...Stop.

Like I told Shan recently via an email in regard to air freshener....just stop, Mariah.

You know how you use air freshener to cover up a foul odor and then you start to associate that air freshener smell with the nastiness? Like in high school I used peach room spray to cover up my dog's vomit. Every now and then when I smell peach air fresheners/candles, etc. I gag thinking of the voms. Now it just smells like vom and peaches.

That's how I feel about Mariah and Herve Leger dresses. Just stop. You're not fooling anyone.



Red Carpet Recap: 2010 Golden Globes

Lord have mercy, we have a lot of recapping to do, so I'm going to break this into a coupla different posts. We'll start with some honorable (or dishonorable) mentions, and then move on to our Favey Crocketts. Ames, feel free to add in where you see fit!


Okee, trying to catch up here from being out of the town, so here are my snippets on these as well.

- Ames

Zoe Saldana: I take back what I said in the Critics' Choice post. What did you do? Break into the old timey photo booth and steal a saloon girl costume to wear? Me no likey. The good thing - I FINALLY know who you are - Avatar girl. Speaking of Avatar - was anyone else creeped out by James Cameron and his wife? They won my coveted "worst hair of the evening" award.

Ames: It's weird when we don't agree. I feel so scared. I love this dress though. I think part of the issue is that the beauty that is Zoe Saldana needs an IV drip filled with sammiches. It's perhaps a bit much for her tiny frame, but I love this dress and the color with which it is made.

Olivia Wilde: I personally do not get all the fuss about Olivia Wilde. Sure, she's pretty, but I don't think she's the hottest burrito on the block. I do like her sparkley dress and 60s hurrdo, but it wasn't my fave-o of the night.

Ames: This is disco fabulous.

Maggie Gyllenhal: In Rouland Mouret. This is a really cool, architectural dress, but what keeps it (for me) from being REALLY great is the color. I'm not big on the whole "my dress matches my skin" thang. Her skin tone is so fair, I think the dress would've been more striking in a bold color.
Ames: Yep, color isn't doing it for me but the dress is divinely constructed.

Jennifer Aniston: Glorious hair, so-so dress. I mean, I am Team Aniston all the way, but I really wish she would mix it up now and then.
Ames: Work it. Did anyone else think they may have seen all her "Friends" when she walked out on stage? Yowza.

Ginnifer Goodwin: Totally becoming one of my faves on the red carpet. I always look foward to seeing what she is wearing, and she is REALLY coming into her own. LOVE the hair - sooooo Audrey Hepburn ingenue fabulous, the color of her dress is smashing, but I think it's the biggish drapy hips that take away from it just a bit for me. She's not a teeny tiny girl, and I don't think the draping does her any favors.
Ames: She really is stunning. To have that haircut and be that cute...just not fair. I find it refreshing that she isn't one of the girls you'd be afraid to hug lest she break. Not my faves but she's just too darn cute.

Christina Aguilera: I L-O-V-E Christina, but when I saw her, I thought "huh, it looks like she only has one boob covered," and a minute later, the Hubs said, "it looks like her boob is popping out." I'm also not loving the hurrdo. I think it is too matronly, but I did appreciate that she was not wearing her day-glo red lipstick. I think she is so pretty in softer makeup. I also had no idea she would be presenting with Morticia Adams.

Ames: I don't care for this as much here as on stage. I was floored when she walked out. I think the dress is amazing, her hair and makeup SUCH a nice change and I can't remember when she's looked mo bettah.

Chloe Sevigny: I know she pushes the box fashion wise, but I did not love this rufflicious dress. Again, I think it was the color - kind of drab and washed out, and I was both entertained and embarrassed when she screeched at the guy who stepped on her dress as she was accepting her award. I mean, YOU ARE A GIANT WALKING RUFFLE, woman - what did you think? That NO ONE would step on your dress? Show a little decorum next time!

Ames: This looked better on stage to me because when she walked up and it was all flouncy in her was dreamy. I just hope she meant "Giggle, I can't believe he just ripped my dress." and not "YO, DBAG, I can't believe you just ripped my dress." I felt badly for that dude. I bet he felt like he wanted the stage to swallow him. Poor little buddy.

Cameron Diaz: This isn't the best photo of her dress, but I really liked it. The silouhette was very 1940s glam. I didn't love her hair - it looked like she just pulled it back in a bun herself, but I can give a little leeway because of the weather, and also because Cameron seems like the kind of girl who just has that hair that isn't always perfect like SOME people we know (Cat Deeley, I'm looking at you).
Ames: I thought when she was on stage it was pulling in the front and that threw me off, but in photos I likey it more and more. I love the rounded shoulders. (Sidebar: Does it look like she's had work done lately to anyone else? As in, she shouldn't have?)