Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Stuff That Makes For Good Ear Candy: The Chick Edition

Hey, looky, I'm not recommending a cute boy who plays guitar/piano/cowbell. And yes, I feel like one of those Amazon comments right now, but if you like artists like Imogen Heap (Frou Frou, too, of course), Jem, etc. then take yours ears for a spin around Olivia Broadfield. I think she's simply delovely and delightful.

Her cd drops July 14th, yo. I am THE excited.
Peep this jam.

I to check her out. Her forehead looks like a young Sally Field, so it THAT'S any indication, I love her already.
It is a huge indication. You know how I base about 73% of my day on how I can tie it back to Norma Rae.

Monday, June 29, 2009

An Open Post to Shannan

Dear Shan,

I hope Little Miss Peanut's hives go away soon and she can stop the Itchy and Scratchy Show and you and Mr. T can stop worrying about her.

She to be better soon.

Dear Baby Girl's Hives,
Quit being such jerks already.
I mean it. You DO NOT want to step to me.
Your Worst Nightmare
Dear Amy and Your Worst Nightmare,
Your post made me SIMMM-ullll-taneously tear up and giggle at the same time. My raw nerves thank you.
Your pic of The Hives is much cuter that what we are seeing around our casa...
Not-so-Dear Baby Girl's Hives,
Seriously? What Amy said above, times INFINITY. If you do not take your nasty, red, burning, itchy, feverish, lame-ass leave of my lil peanut's tender skin, I will MOW. YOU. DOWN.
The Management

Friday, June 26, 2009

Can We Observe a Moment of Silence?

For the plate of Huevos Rancheros that just ended up in my belly. Let us give thanks to Casa del Camino, in Laguna Beach, for re-introducing me to the wonder that is eggs over easy on refried beans on cheese on salsa on corn tortillas on a plate. Hallelujah. Amen.



DEVIL WOMAN. You are making my stomach angry at my eyeballs for their ability to read this.

I am however hopeful that this means you are changing your tune on Mexican food a wee bit. I cry salty tears every time I think about your self-professed low opinion of The Cuisine Of The Heavens. To going out for Meh he kan and Margaritas together would be the best. I'll settle for La Bodega tapas and Mojitos though. Oh man, can we go there next week when I come to spend the night?

I'll give you my Mrs. Roper dress....


Dearest Ames,
First of all - don't EVEN lie about giving me The Dress. You KNOW you have no intention. Shame on you, I say. Secondly, I am sorry to tell you that my love of the huevos rancheros does NOT indicate a new-found love for other Mexican food (besides a plate of nachos now and then). I am just not a fan of the CGQ (Cheesy Greasy Queasy). Don't hate me because I have a discerning palate.

If Jen is in, and we can find a babysitter, however, I am IN for La Bodega and mojitoooos, OR we can just stay insies and make a pitcher or two of our frozen cherry mojitos.

Lovey Love Love,


Nevermind. I rescind my offer of the dress. I was THIS CLOSE to giving it to you. Too bad.

I also rescind my request to go out since I have limited Trips Time anyhoo. Let's make FCMs and laff at Triple Threat until they go to bed, at which point we have more FCM's and just start laughing at each other playing Wii.


Fashion Icon Friday: Mrs. Roper

Yes, that's right. I said Mrs. Roper - a la that 70s smash hit, Three's Company, when I fell in love with John Ritter and wished I was Suzanne Somers. Girlfriend could ROCK a side pony. But when Amy suggested that we feature Mrs. Roper for Fashion Icon Friday, it just worked. I don't know why I didn't think of it before, but follow me here for a moment.

White woman orange 'fro, giant kaftans and mumus, twisty turbans, and fab-you-lous costume jewelry - does it get any better?

For the love of Audra Linley, there is even a clothing line INSPIRED by Mrs. Roper - you can find it here. Check the cutie patootie Helen dress in the line:

I don't think Amy and I are the only ones inspired by Mrs. R either - here are some of my favorite Roperriffic modern day dresses:

The smashing Ramona LaRue's horse kaftan, found on Planet Blue.
P.S. - The smashing/designer of Ramona LaRue actually commented on the earlier post I did on her - who knew she would even find our humble blog???? Ramoner - if you come across this one and have a surplus of said horse kaftans lying around in a small, please feel free to send any extras our way....

Matthew Williamson for H&M - If this doesn't scream Mrs. Roper, I don't know what else does. You can maaaaybe find this lil number at your local H&M, or with the price jacked up several hundred clams on eBay. Again, anyone wishing to rid themselves of one in a small can contact me here at MerciBlahBlah. Thanks - Shan

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Stuff We Do In Private

From The Archives of Hilarity (aka our past IM chats)...

Shan: don't beat yourself up. how often do you eat sweet tarts? prolly not often, though I also know I would be beating myself up in your shoes too - it's the way I roll.

Amy: every 17 years or so apparently. Did i mention i had half a piece of cake earlier today? and haven't worked out since saturday morning? i'm in a phunk and have got to snap out of it snappy snap snap

Shan: are you going to work out in the next few days?

Amy: oh hells yes i'm going to kill myself until you guys get here or at least injure my person.

Shan: don't do that.

Amy: okay

Shan: live, Amy, liiiiiive

Amy: i've created a monster...

Shan: what is it's name?

Amy: shaaaaaaaaaanaaaaaaaaaan i should go dump these candies in the trash. you ever done that?

Shan: WHAT???? I have run water over something before, and I have DEFINITELY thrown things in the trash to avoid eating them usually crap that my mom leaves here.

Amy: ever taken a bite of something and chewed it and spit it out? ummm, not me.

Shan: I don't think I've done that. if I'm going to chew it, I'm going to swallow it.

Amy: i've spit out chocolate several times

Shan: so I'd rather just not have it in my mouf

Amy: but chocolate is delish

Shan: you did WHAT to CHOCOLATE???

Amy: i know.

Shan: Spit! It! Out! ????

Amy: i'm not proud plus it looks like poo in the trash

Shan: blech pooooooooo I bet it doesn't look like the poo that I saw in a diaper earlier tonight TWICE

Amy: i hope not

Shan: and I'd venture to guess it doesn't smell that bad

Amy: i hope i never have anything in my mouf that could pose as baby shiz

Shan: I am watching Make Me A Supermodel from last night and my boyfriend Jonathan

Amy: just finished earlier

Shan: he SO wants me, and my other boyfriend Sandhurst

Amy: step off

Shan: they were fighting over me earlier YOU STEP OFF WOMAN you have Mayerbag and Kris Allen

Amy: krissssssssss. oh kris. DANG I need a pedicure. that is all.

Shan: yes you do yo feet STANK oh wait - did I say that out loud?

Amy: mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Shan: peeee-uuuuuuuuu

blah blah blah, not very funny stuff....and we now return you to our hilarity.

Shan: I seriously fall asleep on the couch half the time at 8:30 I CANNOT stay awake to save my life

Amy: Drama much? You're awake now, Meryl Streep.

Shan: SHUT IT. I need some watermelon.

Amy: go get your watermelon on

Shan: I am. go spit out your chocolate - no wait !!!

Amy: okay, go water your melon check ya later.

Shan: you go stuff your bra - WHAT?

Amy: how dare you?

Shan: who said dat?

Amy: !

Shan: oh, I dare - you don't scare me, Amy.

Amy: i will sit on you

Shan: that made me giggle out loud

Amy: when i get the energies. i am like a wizard with that shiz-nit

Shan: buh to the bye on that note

Amy: okay, stop. go. bye. later. mwaaaah.

Shan: poop!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's Getting Hot In Herrrrrrrre

Dear Shan,

I don't know what your side of Missouri is like right now but my side is HAWT. Bleh. It's the kind of hot where you get home and get out of the car and wonder, "How am I sweating THERE? I have air conditioning in my car."

It has however provided me with a few observations:

1. I called someone today and they mentioned how hot it was and starting singing "Heat Wave" in a jovial tone. It hit me - that song is way more upbeat than an actual Heat Wave.

2. Those guys you see at the gym that wear the weightlifting pants and grunt and make a production number out of lifting weights look even funnier outside walking in the heat with their business clothes on. I saw Meathead walking next to Normal Size Guy on the way to their cars after work and Meathead just naturally looked 20 degrees hotter. Poetic justice.

3. Apparently I saw a lot of people walking to their cars tonight because Two Normal Guys were walking and one lifted up his arms and smelled his pits and laughed. I appreciate that. Thank you Normal Guy With Sweaty Pits And An Apparent Awesome Sense of Humor Guy. You deserve a beer commercial jingle.

That is all.


Dearest Ames,
I am not Buster Poindexter. When I get in my car and the temperature gauge reads 111, that is TOO. EFFING. HOT. For real. What are we supposed to do in this weather? Fry eggs on our frigging heads? I do not think so. I do not fry things with my head. I do not melt things in my car. I would not, could not, near or far. I would not melt things with a mouse, I have pit stains upon my blouse.


This post brought to you by the letter F, for EFFING HOT.

Stuff We Would Kiss On the Mouf: The Top Five Free Pass List

In light of recent events, I thought it was time to reevaluate my top five list. You know, the top five free passes that you get if you ever run into said person and have the opportunity for the sexy time? That top five. Anyhoozle, in no particular order, here goes. Enjoy!


Bradley Cooper

I did not like Bradley Cooper when I saw him in Wedding Crashers. He wasn't even a blip on the radar of hotness. I just hated his character, so I didn't take notice of him. Sometime in the recent past, however, I have become QUITE aware of his, well, I mean - just LOOK at him. That longish, floppy hair, those blue eyes, I mean come onnnnn. And he's funny? AND he may be dating my OTHER BFF (besides Cat Deeley) and long time NSC (Non Sexual Crush), Jennifer Aniston? Of COURSE he's on the list.

Ryan Reynolds

Do I really need to explain this one?

Colin Farrell
I loves me some Irish boys. And Mr. F has that I Need A Shower Because I Just Had The Sexy Time look about him, not to mention that he can play dramatic or funny and is ALWAYS charming (I mean, did you see his acceptance speech at the Golden Globes where he was soooo humble and sweet and adorable?), and, and, annnnnd he was on one of my fave-o shows of all time, Scrubs, and was hilarious, so why WOULDN'T he be on my top five?

Ewan McGregor

First of all, he can SING (be still my heart, Moulin Rouge); secondly, I think it is written in his contract that he has to be naked in every movie he ever makes; thirdly, have you HEARD the lovely Scottish brogue that rolls off his tongue? 'Nuff said.

Paul Rudd

Holy hell - that hair, those eyes, that smile - Paul "Mr. Brian Fantana Sex Panther" Rudd is the HOTTEST boy next door I ever did see. He really is like that guy you went to college with who was smart and hilarious and hot all rolled into one, that you had a complete crush on while you were "just friends," yet you hoped every time you were together that it was going to move to the next level, until one drunken night when you both had too much Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill wine and ended up mashing at a party, never to speak of it again. Hypothetically.

Amy here:
Shan, I am jumping on your Paul Rudd. I mean jumping on your Paul Rudd bandwagon. EASY! DOWN TIGER. I love to wax poetic here but I really can only add to this by saying: "He adorable." I.love.adorable.

And now, my new and improved list. (Sidebar: None of which are cuter than my husband. Or more adorable. Or funnier. Do you think any of THESE GUYS would fill the hall with the oodles of birthday balloons I blew up for them on Saturday and run down the hallway shouting "balllooooons" with me? I mean not that we did that.........)

Simon Baker
G'day mate. Seriously. I don't even watch that show he's in so I'm sure some of you die-hard Simon Baker fans out there that just Googled his name and stumbled across this blog are going to let me hear about it. But I'm sorry, I don't think watching his show means you think he's cuter than I do. What I DO know is that back in the days of yore before Simon Baker was even in my conscious mind (I really don't think I knew he was at all to be honest) I had a dream this guy was in it. Fast forward to some random day when I finally got around to seeing Devil Wears Prada on On Demand eons after it had been out and there he was...the guy from my dream. Freaky, right?

Then again, maybe the guy in my dream was...

Scott Speedman

As long as I've been crushin' on Ben, er, Scott Speedman, it never hit me until just now that he and Simey look a lot alike. MEOW. Yes, I will still watch Felicity reruns when they are on. Yes, I have seen them all a hundred times. Yes, I still cry. Don't judge me. It's Felicity, people. It's BEN. Come ON! Where my Felicity people at? Can I get a witness?
Shan here: I never watched Felicity - have never seen it in my life. Still, Scott Speedman could be an alternate on my list any day of the week. Okay - CARRY ON!

And now for the dark haired boys who play guitar and sing and make interesting faces whilst doing so portion of the evening...

John Mayer
Okay, sure there are countless reports of his douchery. Do I care? Nay. NAY I SAY. Even I don't believe everything I read on the interwebs. And I'm reallllllly gullible. I mean, I actually believe that John Mayer may Tweet me back and then read this some day so I need to defend him. See, gullible. Oh wait, that's less gullible and more pathetic and hopeless. Where was I? Oh, he pretty. He sings. He plays guitar. He writes songs. He is sarcastic and funny. 'Nuff said.

Kris Allen

Do I really have to go over this again with you guys? At some point it's just gonna get awkward for all of us? Oh what was that? Too late. Fair enough. I realize it's not healthy. And now that I forced Shan and Natasha to watch all the performances of him on Idol I still had saved on my DVR when they came to visit, maybe it's time to move on and delete. After I watch them onnnnnnnnnne or twelvity five more times.

So who's on your list, kittens? Do tell. In the words of my Number Six, Jon Stewart, "Go Onnnnnnnnnnnnnnn....."

Shan here again: Amy - do you realize you only have four on your top five list? Or do you think you're counting MY Paul Rudd? I don't THINK so.....

Monday, June 22, 2009

I'm Scared, Hold Me

I am forty. I have 13 month old triplets. I work part time in a four person office, somewhere in the middle of the map. Yet for some reason, I need these in my life:

Yes, those are sequin leggings. No, I am not Victoria Beckham. I repeat, I am NOT Victoria Beckham. Maybe this is my mid-life crisis. I turn 40 and immediately need a pair of sequin leggings in my life? In my defense, I do not wish to wear them styled as shown in the pic above. What I WOULD like to wear them with is a slouchy white tee, some funked out jewelry, and maybe my olive military jacket. IS THAT SO WROOOOOONG????!!!!



Shan -

I am going to say what I said over email in public b/c I think it needs to be said: STOP LOOKING AT CLOTHES ONLINE, WOMAN. Step away from the interwebs.

It's for your own good.


Friday, June 19, 2009

Stuff We Would Kiss On the Mouf: Cat Deeley

I was watching So You Think You Can Dance last night (and of course muting any part where Mary Murphy was talking), and aside from the fact that I think Cat Deeley and I would be best friends because we are SO alike - both gorgeous, blonde, 6-foot tall amazons, I realized that girlfriend has one of the best wardrobes on TV, DESPITE what I saw otherwise on the interwebs last night when I stated digging for photos of her. The number of people who hate her wardrobe was astounding. Clearly, they are ignorant and have no sense of fashion. Can I get an amen? Seriously though, my New Secret Girl Crush is so great because she has that I Am the Most Perfect Woman In the Room, Yet Somehow Still Look Like the Girl Next Door magical combination that makes her accessible to men AND women. Beyotch.

(Amy here: Thing one: I loves that you are watching this show with me now. My heart sings. For the record, my heart has the voice of an angel. I think you mean we would ALL be BFFs though. Don't even act like you are ditching me b/c I am pretty sure she wouldn't help you write this blog.

Thing Two: Amen
Shan again: I stand corrected - we all WOULD be BFFs)

Anyhoooooozle, I found some of my Favey Crocketts of Miz. Deeley (who, if you google yourself and come across our humble blog, please drop a line - that is protocol here at MerciBlahBlah). Wivout further adooooo, I give you Cat Deeley and Her Amazing Fantastic Super Bananas Wardrobe.

Herve Leger dress, Gucci shoes
Okay - This is not fair. Are her legs 8 feet long?
Amy: You are right. She's our twin. Triplet. Mirror image.

I have NO idea who the designer is, and cannot for the life of me find this pic again online now. Oopsie!!

Amy: FIND IT. Oh wait, we're not shopping per "The Pact" that isn't going very well. Nevermind.

Shan: Do you have something to tell me?????? Have you been shopping?!!!

Vintage dress, Gina heels, Topshop clutch
Amy: Hello gorg ruffles.

I think by now I have fully expressed my Love of the Pantsuit. You, sir, rock.
Amy: The perfect outfit.

Really, Deeley? REALLY? Do you HAVE to look like this?!
Amy: Is this the dress that one chick from Benjamin Buttons wore to the Oscahs?

Burberry dress for the Costume Institute Gala
A little scary, a little Sharon Stone meets Wilma Flintstone Love Child, but there is still something fab-you-lous about this.

Amy: It's feathers. Don't even act like there is a question of its glory.

Whoa - Hey! How'd that get in there? No matter - we'll just...uh...LEAVE it in. Yeah. I can't help it! It came up when I googled Cat Deeley white dress! So it's Daniel Craig in a white dress shirt! Let's just pretend this never happened, and uh...errr...Daniel, you look so HAWT with those buttons undone, that icy stare....homina homina....whoseeewhatsit???
What happened just then? I think I blacked out.

Amy: Oh happy intentional accident. He's totally looking at you, Shan.
Shan: I KNOW.

One of my faves. Wish I had written down who designed it!

Amy: Gay angels. That's who. That's the perfect combination for those that don't know.
Or Julien McDonald.

SO adorable. So flawless. So chic vintage yet still completely modern.

Amy: One of my fave of all of the times.

Annnd, one more for you Shan.

"Oh, I just threw this on and look better than you will ever look in your life. Ever."

Shan: Cat, Cat, Cat - How is it that I can hate you yet love you simultaneously? (And I can totally hear you saying simultaneously in that British way you have - SIMMM-ulll-taneously).

And seriously, can we just talk about how PERFECT her hair is every single time. Who looks that cute with that whole crazy bow/bird's nest action? I mean, other than us. You know how we're always wearing that.

Shan: True dat. Girlfriend's hair is PURRRR-fection. It may even be better than my OTHER BFF's hair - you may know her - Jennifer Aniston. Please don't tell Jen I said that though.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Stuff We Would Kiss On the Mouf: Blogroll!

I'm picking my bottom again. Wait - that didn't sound right. I mean, I'm picking faves from my bottom again...er....pulling from the end...ummmm....let me start over.

Every time I come across a great bloggity ogg, I add it to my faves, which throws it to the bottom of my list until I remember how to reorder them alphabetically. Thus, any out-of-order blogs are the newest at the bottom of my list. Fascinating, isn't it? I know - not really.

Luckily, these little numbers ARE fascinating and fab-you-lous. Check em out yo damn self.

Mmmmm-kay, I don't even remember faving and saving this link, but I'm glad I did, because there are some KEYOOOOOT dresses there fo CHEAP. Lay your peepers on this one, but don't get too attached, because it is MINE:

She Plays Dress Up
I stumbled across this blog from Atlantis Home, and boy am I glad I did. Girlfriend rocks, and had some great eye candy as well as fabooosh links to OTHER great sites. Please check her out:

Are you frigging kidding me? Check out those shoes, that jacket, that incre-hehhhh-edible collar peeking out. You can see the entire post here, and have fun browsing.

Life In Travel
Another linksie from Atlantis Home, another smashing fashion blog. For realsies?

You should all know by now what I love about this look: mixture of high and low end, those layered necklaces, check the fabooo bracelets, and puh-leeze, don't even mention those shoes. DAMN! Note to self: add nude stilettos to wish list...

Nini's Style
Holy. Crap. Miz Nini may be my favorite fashionista next to The Glamourai. Girlfriend rocks. da. HOUSE. Another great alchemist of high and low end eccentricity that just works. Are you serious? Do not make me stop this car. This is what I imagine that FEROCIOUS vintage 80s jumpsuit is saying (and by the by, that is Hanh from Life In Travel with Nini below).

These ladies WORK it! They work on a Saturdaaaay, maybe even on a Sundaaaay. Oh, my apologies, I just lapsed into my worst W. impersonation there. Ugh. Nevertheless, hope you have fun browsing the sites above.




Ames - come back whenever you're ready girl. Loves you.

Monday, June 15, 2009

For Amy

"If ever there is tomorrow when we're not together... there is something you must always remember. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think, but the most important thing is, even if we're apart.. I'll always be with you.”
- Winnie the Pooh
Love you, Pooper!

Thank you, Shan. This past night and day have been for sucks but it they have reminded me how lucky I am to have great friends. AND how much I like to drown my emotions in carbs. But that's a story for another day.


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Stuff We Love: The Friend Edition

Girls In The Lou Part Deux, this time it's fABulous.

I mean, really, how often do you get three girls to be relatively pleased with their picture? Howevah, if any photoshop wizards out there want to take this picture and fix up the color and email it back to us, g'head.

Thanks for coming to play with me, girls. Loves!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

P to the S


I miiiiiiight have to tape this, too, so we can watch it during our chillaxing time at mi casa.

Over 35 year olds in da house.

Stuff We Would Kiss On the Mouf: Girls' Weekend in The Lou

Dude. We will be there TOMORROW. I expect lots of this:
Amy: Check. Pulled out some red from the cabinet and am chilling some white already.

a little of this:

Amy: Yaaaaaay, I saved it to watch togeths.
some of this:
Amy: Hello, Herbie's. To see you Saturday at 7:30. As I told the reservation lady who asked if there were any food allergies or special requests, "Yes, I request delicious things in my mouth." I hope she's recovered.

some Saturday morning this (minus the cheesy "Look at Me - I'm Zumba-ing!" expression):

Amy: Mic check one two one two. You've just cemented the fact that I'm going to bring not only "it" but the biggest cheesy grin ever. The whole time. I might even "woo" at some point just to embarrass you.

and this:

Amy: I shall take you to a local coffee haus that I heart. (No offense, Starbucks.)

PERHAAAAAPS some of this:

Amy: We're getting dogs?

and DEFINITELY one of these:

Amy: One?

By the by, I will be wearing these:

Amy: Great. We're gonna be twins.

Can't wait to see you, Pooper!


Tuesday, June 9, 2009



I'm a day late here but you've been gone so I've been in the corner crying a lot. I mean, a LOT.

Howevah, I would be remiss if I didn't mention that Jane Fonda NAILED IT at the Tony Awards. This dress is simple and elegant and chic and perfectiony. She looks better than people half her age. Or 1/3. I mean I'm too lazy too Google but I think she's like 137 now, right? Whatever she is, she look GOOD. In fact, I'm about to dust off the old VHS tapes, leg warmers, leotard, headband and aerobicize up in here.

Oh who am I kidding? You know that's my standard Tuesday Night outfit.
And Paul's, but don't tell him I told you that.


Of COURSE you posted that pic today, because I was on Dlisted this a.m. and just came across this monstrosity, and thought the same thing about Mz. Fonda...

As for Jessica Lange, well, uh, yeah....not so much. For real - this is the perfect example of how and how NOT to age gracefully.

Speaking of aging gracefully, did you realize that Johnny Depp turned 46 yesterday? DAYUM. He is still a h-h-h-hottie. Sigh - meluvs.


I think we need some photo evidence of you and your hubbie's aerobic wear, toot sweet.
Tee heee....toot.....