Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Stuff We Would Kiss On the Mouf: Random Inspiration

Could this girl BE any cuter? Could I SOUND any more like Chandler Bing? Or as he is called in one of my favorite scenes from Friends, Ms. Chanandler Bong.

Tell me again: why do I not have a job where someone gives me free shoes?

From Jak and Jill

This is so "shootin out the walls of heartache, bang-bang, I am the Warrior" Patty Smyth. Sigh.

From Idle Fascination

Sheer perfection. The end.

This guy is ALWAYS following me around.

Seriously, screen cap from one of my favey crockett "newish" Christmas movies, along with this one:
Needs to pull them bof out and have a festive movie night this weekend.

Heard Annie Lennox on the radio yesterday, and was reminded how fab-you-lous she is. She was fierce before Christian Siriano was a twinkle in his mama's eye.
As Ames always says, the higher the hair, the closer to God. From Idle Fascination.



Jill said...

Great post...I miss Friends!

emmyray said...

I love street style, it's my favorite!