Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Stuff We Would Kiss On the Mouf: Planet Bluuuuue

This is why I am hardly ever on Planet Blue anymore: they have insane clothing that I cannot afford. The end.

Because who DOESN'T need a jacket called the Captain Glam? By LaROK.

Haute Hippie, you had me at Iron Chain Necklace.

A velvet kimono dress by DVF? It's almost as cool as a velvet Elvis.

I personally would switch out the t-strap Mary Janes for something a little more kickass, but sparkly DVF pants? Hells bells yes.

Conditions Apply slouchy sparkle dress? Check. Now if I only knew who made the shoes, this outfit would be perfect. Perfectly unattainable.

Cecilia de Bucourt embroidered jersey belt at $100 a pop? I'll take three.

Blue Life Chiffon Tunic. You can't see the front, but it's solid drapey jersey perfection. Trust me.