Monday, December 14, 2009

Launch My Line At Claire's Boutique?

Has the name of this show been changed, because with that cheesy butterfly on the front of the winning (winning????) outfit, I thought maybe Claire's had branched out to include a line of cheap clubwear for tweens. Seriously jooodges, crack is whack. You picked DJ Guy as the winner?

Which brings us to the loser: Architect Guy. I kind of felt for him, since he had to pick all of his fabric at the beginning of the season. Granted, he probably didn't know he would be designing beachwear, and mayhaps should not have chosen ALL dark wool fabrics, but still...

Actually, I quite like the shape of it. If it was in appropriate fabric, it really is a cute, tres retro suit. Alas, farewell and adieu, Architect Guy.

Crazy Cakes made it through with this? Come ON. That mess on the pants should've been enough to send her packing. I had to admit though, I like the shape of both the blouse and the pants, it's just the tapestry that threw up all over both pieces that I take issue with.

I am curious to see what Fashion Critic has to bring next week. Her ideas are certainly interesting. This wasn't my favorite look, but I did really love the ginormous sleeves that morph into sexy ruchey grecian sleeves. And yes, that is a technical term.

Poysonally, I don't know why Jewelry Lady was in the bottom three. Her dresses both weeks have been my favorites. Her use of color is breaftaking. Luh-huuuu-huve the combo of turquoise and red. LOVE that standy-uppy collar and the red obi belt. I don't even mind the tentacles (but would prefer the dress wivout them).

You baffle me, jooodges. Let's hope you're just having a slow start out the gate. It's time to put down the pipe, pick up some glasses and stop JACKING with the designers.

Ohhhh - one more thing....can the "seamstresses" or whatever they're called be fired? Because someone needs to bring The Donald in to axe Roberto "Born On A Volcano" Throw A Tantrum And Rip The Dandy's Logo Sign Off The Wall toooot sweet! And Coco "I Am Too Sick/Too Tired/Too Above All of This To Sew for Oprah CEO Woman" should be next in line behind Queen Volcano. Blech. Both are terribew.

Phew! I feel better now.



I have yet to make it through either of these episodes in their entirety yet. I'll go now and watch and try to give you an assist next week. Like spotting you during bench presses but with less crotch to the face.