Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I cannot wait to see more photos from the lovely Jane Aldridge's blog Sea of Shoes and her trip to Paris for the Crillon Ball. Holy. Crap. Check out some of my favorite snaps below, and if you haven't already visited her, do yourself a favor and skip over to check out all her photos. Where did I veer off course with my life that I missed out on being invited to Paris to attend the Crillon Ball in a custom made Chanel gown? AND she has a line of shoes at Urban Outfitters? Did I mention she is 16? I. Am. Green. With. Envy.

Well played, Jane!

The lovely Miss Jane in her gown.
From the Chanel 2009 spring haute couture runway show

Her parting gift from Chanel. I literally just died. Literally.

LOVES the layers and textures in this outfit. Tres chic
What is up with me lately and the socks with heels love? Don't know, but I do love this.
Ames: I am dead. I can't believe we didn't discuss this yesterday between our own personal selves. Dying to see the rest of the snappy snaps. Read some rude comments on her mom's blog about this whole affair and again thought, "why you reading their blogs if they make you sick?" And then I punched my monitor. Jerk. Why people gotta hate? I for one loves to peep into their closets and can't wait for the rest of the Paris pics. And yes, the sock trend is pretty darn smashing. My coworkers would so roll their eyes at me on that one. Sigh.
merci - ames


The Townhouselady said...

Those Red Chanel shoes are sick. I would sell my cats into kitty slavery for those (joke would be on them though, my cats are lazy as sh*t).

MerciBlahBlah said...

I know. The are uh-maz-ing.