Monday, December 28, 2009

And Some To Grow On...

In addition to some of my faves that Shan posted, I'm gonna add a few more here instead of in her already done post because Blogger isn't very friendly. Yeah, I said it.

For the record, of Shan's, I'd have the following on my list (in no particular order):

Drew (bof of dem)

And now, without further adieu, a few more I must mention:

Christina's Emmanuel Ungaro. I love her. I think she's just completely adorable and funny and this dress is KILLER. The color...guh.

Marisa's Atelier Versace is a piece of art. Origami at its finest.
Shan here: I ALMOST put this one on my list. LOVED it...

Cat's always in our Top of Everything list. This dress is no exception.

Katie's Jil Sander really stood out at the SAG Awards. So simple. So chic. She truly is stunning when she cleans up. And, I still love her because of Dawson's Creek. Not quite as much as I love Keri Russel for Felicity (Ben...Scott Speedman...yum) but still. Love.

And, Portia's Zac Posen is just a cotton candy dream come to life. (Yeah, that was 2008. I'm sorry, their wedding video gets me all teary-eyed every time. EVERY time.)