Monday, November 23, 2009

That Settles It

This season - the "shortie" season - was my favorite season of ANTM yet (probably because the shorties are "my people"), and the top two finalists? Yeeesh, I don't know how they decided on the winner. Have there ever been two NICER, more genuine finalists? I think not. Nicole was my favorite throughout the season, but the more I saw Laura, the more I grew to luuuuurve her. I would've been happy with either two, but was really glad when Nicole won -and heartbroken for Laura. These girls ROCK.

Nicole Linkletter

Was anyone else disappointed with this photo? I was so excited to see it after Mr. Jay was peeing his pants during the shoot, and then when they chose this one, and this angle, I was disappointed. The earrings she was wearing were SO cool, and with all of her hurr, I thought it could've been a better shot. Das just me though.

Dreamy and lovely.

Laura Kirkpatrick

Bananas, Part Deux.

Holy hell - this was amazing. I was ascairt she was going home this night. They were making such a big deal about her having trouble with the rocks during the shoot, and she was getting upset, I was SURE she was out. And then this shot came up during panel. The judges were right - she looks almost identical to Rachel Hunter here. SO gorgeous.

Ames here,

I'm with Shan. And by "with" I mean "all of 5'3"." I also mean, "best season evah." I wanted both of these girls to win. Alas and alack, that was not to be. To all of you people reading this that hire models (and you know who you one reading this blog), please hire both of these girls. Thank you.

They.Are. Fierce.

Not fierce? Miss Jay's RIDICULOUS get ups. Can we just stop already with the outfits that get more idiotic each judge's panel? Don't get me wrong, I love me a puffy sleeve, but really. Really?

xoxo -
And while we're at it - Mr. Jay? For the love of Kenny Rogers, PUH-LEEEEZE lose the silver hair. For real. You are involved in making these girls look fierce each week. Do yourself a favor and go au natural again. That is all.


The Townhouselady said...

My sentiments exactly.