Sunday, November 22, 2009



I'm so thankful for you. Pass the wine, because here comes the cheese. My life is so much better because you are in it.

As you may have heard, Shan (do you love inside jokes on random blogs? excellent.) -
I'm off for an early morning flight to Boston for the Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends. And wine. I hope you have a fabulous holiday week and the little monkeys gets some new pictures for long-lost Aunt Amy. Oh, whaaaaaat?

Also, a shout out to Paul/PBI/aka Pablo.
Thank you to my husband for an early trip out for a belated anniversary date at this hotel before the "real" holiday begins. Well-known fact: I love me some cool hotels. I really, really do.



Jools said...

I love that hotel. Color me jealous!

GiGi said...

wait, pablo is actually paul?
this changes everything. i thought you had a latin lover.
someone who could make us homemade churros.
now i only have the irish man to make corned beef and cabbage......