Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Stuff We Would Kiss On the Mouf: The Glamourai, Part 8,212

Glamourai, you have reached the ranks of Cat Deeley in our love for you, and that is a LOT. Seriously, you are a constant source of inspiration. Thank you! Below are just a mere FRACTION of my Favey Crocketts. Enjoy!


Vintage dress and coat, reworked.
This look says Jason Mraz meets sexy hippie chick, and makes me feel I am lacking a fedora in my life. Elll-ohhh-veee-eeeee.

Uh, yes please, Phillip Lim inspiration. You had me at Sequin Pants.

Vintage kaftan, reworked. Loves. Durrrrr.

ANOTHER fabulous vintage jacket, reworked. Seriously woman, are there any fabulous vintage jackets left if you have them ALLLLL?????

I am not one to pair socks and heels, but I lurv this on her. LURV, I TELL YOU!!!


GiGi said...

she's outta the park cool---kind of like us!