Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Stuff We Would Kiss On the Mouf, Er...Hand: Gloves

I was at the mall a few weeks ago and what did I spy with my little eye in the window of The Limited, but long, orange suede gloves. I immediately decided that I needed them in my life, but as I was on the hunt for a specific item at that time, I chose not to purchase said gloves.

Let's pretend these are the gloves of which I speak:

Though they are not, and I don't think they're even suede, but are a reasonable facsimilie. ANYhoozle, I digress....

Jump to this morning, when I receive my daily update from Mz. Rachel Zoe herself, and what is she featuring, but long....wait for it....gloves, but hode up....they are STUDDED. Gulp. Behold.

Fabulous, amazing, bananas OMG I DIE Nina Peter studded leatha gloves, at a mere $455. No problem. Or I could invest in a bedazzler and find a waaaay cheaper pair and DIY them meself. Actually, that's not a bad idea....

Of course, if anyone is feeling generous as we move into the holiday season, I would happily accept a size 7.


Dear Shan,

A) Bedazzle me some gloves, too, please and thank you.

B) While you're at it, I would like a the shoulder pad region of a black boyfriend jacket studded, too.