Thursday, November 12, 2009

Stuff We Would Kiss On the Mouf: Cat Deeley, Part 897

It's a new season of SYTYCD, which means a whole new Cat Deeley wardrobe to droooool over. I WISH I could find a photo of the little red dress she wore on last night's elimination show, but alas, I cannot. Yet. Howevs, below are some of the amazing bananas she-just-killed-an-entire-family-of-five SICK ensembles that she has worn so far. Prepare yourselves.

Ames: She literally just killed an entire family of five. Literally. Tay. Tay. Tay. OMG Tay. (Did you read that RZ fired Taylor???) The dress last night looked like reworked vintage, don't you think? I mean, I don't think it was but it looked like it could be and that made me love it even more. And she was wearing a GLITTERY ROACH in her hair and looked adorable. Jerk.

Shan Again: Yes, I did hear that RZ fired Tay-Tay. I am skerred, mama. I cried. WHAT is Brad going to do????? If you need me, I will be rocking gently back and forth in the corner.

I think I pulled this photo from the official Cat Deeley website, which I will totally have to favorite. I'm a nerd like that. And just sightly stalkerish. This dress? I am SURE it's vintage, and it is perfection. Like Amy's addiction to ruffles, I think we all know by now about my crush on the bejeweled, bedazzled, and besparkled. This is Cleopatra hosts a cocktail soiree, and meluvs.

Ames: Ab Fab.

Cat, why you gotta make the rest of us look like we've been on a two-day bender and just stopped in to the local Kum & Go, picked up whatever cheesy souvenier tee-shirt they are selling and slapped it on with a trucker's cap and some dirty Wrangler's? That's just wrong.

Ames: I love it when you recap your weekend outfits on here. And yes, Cat's slouchy sequin number is bananas.

Shan: Thanks for loaning it to me. Don't worry - I'll get it back to you before this weekend.

If I ever come back as an Alien queen, this is what I want to look like. Hells bells, if I ever come back as a Sunday school teacher, this is what I want to look like. Rouland Mouret dress and Givenchy heels.

Ames: Dear Rihanna, take notes from Cat. This is how you do alien chic.

Shan: Trudat!


Hey, Shan -

While we're at it with SYTYCD:

We have not discussed how much this guy (who can DANCE)

Reminds me of this guy (who drives me crazy)

Let's just say I'm not a big "Mango" fan.


Dude - you are RIGHT. I never thought it until now! Speaking of Mango - I have been perusing their website this morning and am wondering why the hell we do not have a store here in my hood. They cheap AND cute. Just like us!



Jill said...

Love Cat's wardrobe...wish I were a 6ft. skinny goddess!

I would have fired Taylor YEARS ago!

GiGi said...

the chris kattan comparison is SPOT ON, Ames!

uh, and I can tell you why there be no Mango up in this hood Shanster----because we're in the KC MO.

add MANG'S to the list of what we're missing for the love of Trader Joe's.

MerciBlahBlah said...


Style Scout said...

We don't even have a FLIPPING H&M...good lord, I am subjected to shop at Target and Forever 21. Arrrgghhhhhhhh.

I do heart Cat Deeley though. Do you think she would attend our wine gatherings?

MerciBlahBlah said...

Holy crap - we could only hope. I nerdily became a fan of her on Facebook and put a link to our little lovefest here.
Fingers crossed!

The Townhouselady said...

Cat is an Amazonian Fashion Goddess. My husband is in love with her slightly crooked nose. I'm in love with the fact that she seems really sweet and down to earth.

Sucha great show.