Sunday, November 1, 2009

Stuff We Would Kiss On THe Mouf: The Brothers Swoon

Oh, I mean The Brothers Bloom.

Shan, I'm gonna need to add Mark Ruffalo to my Top Five. He was always kinda teetering on the edge but after watching The Brothers Bloom this weekend I'm gonna have to give him the bump up.

Have you all seen this movie? It's sublime. I don't want to overhype, but I thought it was incredibly clever and funny and beautifully costumed and shot. Rachel Weisz is a doll and Adrien Brody was even kind of a sexy piece in this. Loved the costuming. Did I mention that?


Just watched the trailer - I hadn't even heard of the movie. Durrrrr. The first thing I thought was - WHERE did Rachel Weisz shop for her costumery? Fabulous Costumes R Us? Guh. Second thing? I always thought Adrian Brody was kind of cute in a weird way, especially after I saw him lay one on Halle Berry at the Oscar's. Thirdly - Robbie Coltrane? Have LOVED him ever since his ground-breaking role as "Man In the Bathroom" in European Vacation. And Mark Ruffalo? Well, well, well, Mr. Scruffy McFiveO'ClockShadow, you had me at Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Which I have only seen once and have always wanted to see again, so there's that. Not to mention Jim Carrey (who is no where near The Brothers Bloom) was so adorable and sensitive and so completely the antithesis of Ace Ventura (which I also loved but now I'm COMPLETELY off-track) that Eternal Sunshine just pushed my love of Mr. Carrey into a whole new arena.

And finally - I am glad you posted this, because I am TOTALLY counting it as my Monday post, since I had nothing else in my brain region for today.

So to recap: The Brothers Bloom - top of my list. Mark Ruffalo? Delicious. Rachel Weisz - calling her for shopping tips. Jim Carrey? Call me...


GiGi said...

i love me some adrian brody!!!
is there anything we all don't agree upon??

MerciBlahBlah said...

Welllll, I was a leeetle ascairt by your photo of Mickey Rourke this morning. I mean, Mickey circa Nine 1/2 Weeks was DEFFO the hawtness, but now? He's more like that Catwoman in NYC who has had one too many plastic surgeries.

I hope this doesn't mean we can't be friends now, because I am not prepared to quit stalking you.

GiGi said...

yes, 9 1/2 weeks was his prime. but i still love him none-the-less. something about a dude who wears a necklace with his chihuaua on it.

please stalk away.

amy * stem * said...

I gotta go with Shan on this one. Love that he loves his dog and like his story but his lips freak my freak.

Don't break up with us.

- Ames