Monday, November 9, 2009


WHAT????? Irina made it to Bryant Park???? Who'd have thunk?! I mean, come on. Who didn't smell this top three coming a mile away. This challenge had the potential to be SO FRICKIN COOL. Alas, with the Season Of Designers Who Only Use Muted Boring Colors, it was not to be. I was sooooooo disappointed with all of the results, even those I like (Carol Daryl Hannah, I'm looking at you). Let's just get it over with. I swear, I am NEVER recapping another season of PR after this one.

Ames: Yes, it's time to retire the PR recaps after this season.*

*Only to be replaced by SYTYCD recaps or unless next season doesn't suck this much. Which, seriously, it would be hard to be worse.


Shan: HATED. This. I totally agreed with Nina that the length was old lady. Hated it from the front, hated it from the back. I don't think there is a thing on this that I liked. And what, in the name of Beelzebub, was she trying to accomplish with the HIDEOUS styling? "Mistress & Repose" meets Olivia Newton John in the gym, circa 1982? I don't even know what else to say, except, please pass the Kaopectate.

Amy: The color in this is dreamy but the rest? Total nightmare. That is total church at Easter length. I don't even have words for the styling. Oh wait, found some, "the most heinous assault on my visual senses all season." Yes, I'm putting it up there with whatshisfaces lace hooker garter pant outfit. The shoes and headband? Oh hail no.
Carol Daryl Hannah

Shan: Even Carol Daryl, who has done no wrong in my eyes lately, was disappointing. Dress color? Blah. Dress, though it was pretty, was nothing out of the ordinary, and I saw NO connection to her inspiration piece. Meh. Still, I'm glad that she out of everyone else made it to the top three.

Amy: She is my favorite and I'm glad to see her make it and I hope she wins, BUT am I the only one that wondered why the fit on this was lauded so highly? That's puckering if I've seen it. (See Althea)


Shan: For real, will someone, ANYONE, please show this woman a brawr and what it is for, and then promptly put it on Tanesha? For the love of Playtex. I am so sick of seeing the tata bounce coming down the runway. I HATED this look too. If we were juuuuust basing the top three on this challenge alone, Gordana should've made it into the top three. Still, in the scheme of things, when I think back to what they have both created, Althea had more pieces that I liked. She has a really interesting way of using patterns and weaving fabric to make a garment that is more than the sum of its parts. This outfit though? It was like a gold lame tissue stuffed into a really ill-fitting skirt.

Amy: And I've seen puckering... This was awful but I'm glad she made it, too. That about sums that up.


Shan: For all of the love the judges had for this dress, I did not feel it myself. I mean, I got that she interpreted the challenge probably better than anyone, but I guess I am so sick of seeing her use grey that I just didn't care for it.

Amy: I actually really loved this from the front. I wish the fit was a little better but I am really enjoying it and she nailed the challenge. Even if she did get snippy with my Carol Daryl Hannah, she seemed like a nice lady and I wish her well. I know. It's time to hang up the PR recaps when we can't even be catty anymore.

Shan: It is about damn time. The end.

Amy: I won't even review the outift. Did anyone else think that Christopher and his model looked like they could be related? I find that more interesting than this look.

Finally, for the love of Bryant Park, girls, please MAKE IT WORK for the finale.