Sunday, November 15, 2009

Do Not Disturb

Stick with me here.

So this is how I operate. The potential for a job for Paul in Philly (where I hear it is ALWAY sunny) is sort of kind of on the table. A mere mention of maybe possibly (but more like me making things up in pretend land) working out of the Manchester, NH office becomes "we're moving to Manchester" in my head. I pretend this is reality because it's closer to the ultimate goal of being closer to the greater Boston area. I married an East Coast boy/Red Sox fan in case ya didn't know. Note: NY Yankees suck.

But, I digress...
So, cut to me looking at real estate in Manchester when I spied this. THIS. This house that needs some updating but is so ridiculously low priced that you almost wonder what is wrong with the town. Seriously, the real estate prices are insane for the region. With a price this low we could put some serious coin into updating it to perfection (rip out that kitchen fo sho) and still come in under budget.

Love the lush exterior. Love the cozy library for Paul's massive book collection. Love the Candice Olson potential in the master bedroom. Love the ideas spinning for the 3rd floor bedroom/office for Amy's party stuff and Operation Shower home office.

But let's be real here, I'm PEEING myself over the idea of renovating this extra bedroom into a huge Hollywood Glam dream closet/dressing area.
Could you die or what?

So if you'll do me a favor and keep it down and not wake me while I'm dreaming.

Merci, Ames

Note from the Editor...okay, iz me, Amy again.

This is also how I operate. I sit and obsess wondering if people with different budgets get offended by me calling this inexpensive and then talk about putting more money into it for renovations and that still being cheap. I know. I think too much. Listen to me now and hear me later, I am so not all about the benjamins. Just in one of those "What You Get For The Money" type shows the houses here are a LOT of house for the money. I've almost been in tears looking at some of the heinous houses five hundred k will get you around Boston. And they STILL need work. Depressing. Ya'll know the East Coast is jacked up so I'm sure you understand. I just don't want anyone to think I'm being a huge jerk. That's all.

Group hug.

Ohhhhh Amy - THAT'S not why we think you're a huge jerk.

We think you're a huge jerk for leaving us. Hmmmmmpfh! I just hope whatever house you end up with has room for The Trips, when they come to visit Aunt Amy and Uncle Pablo for 2 weeks every summer.