Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Are We THERE Yet?

Yes, thankfully, the World's Most Boring Project Runway Ever has finally reached it's destination in Ho-Humville. I can't even bring myself to recap every look, so let's just go with my favey crockett from each designer.

Oh yeah, Irina won. NO ONE saw that one coming, did they?!

First things first - WHAT THE HELL WAS THIS, HEIDI KLUM????

For the love of God, woman, you have Tim Gunn at your disposal. I cannot believe that he would, in good consience, let you wear that shiny pink monstrosity onto the runway. Or as one of my fave-o PR recap bloggers - Una LaMarch says in the Huffington Post: "Women of America, stay away from this. Heidi is a professional. You will look like Hillary Clinton attending Ziggy Stardust's Glam Rock Brunch For the Cure." Well said, Mz. LaMarche.

Onward and Upward.

The Weiner: Irina

Shan: I actually love this outfit and would wear it any day of the week. That bigass sweater rocks, the pleather leggings rock. Yep. Love this. That's about all I can say for the entire collection.

Carol Daryl Hannah:

Shan: Lovely, but boring.


Shan: I was hard pressed to find ANYTHING I liked (let alone loved) in her collection, and maybe I settled on this because it is so close to the look that I like from Irina's. Still, how in the hell do you eat soup wearing this thing? Hate the leather bustier under it, but the general shape is okay.

To the Producers of PR: Let's hope we do not have a repeat of this season in January.

That is all.

Blah Blah,

Ames: I literally fell asleep before the end of this. Literally. Out. Cold. I think that sums it up.