Monday, November 30, 2009

Stuff We Would Kiss On The Mouf: Inspiration Part Deux: GOING BROGUE


Your last post had me inspired to put together some of my latest shoes obsessions of the brogue inspired variety. You say "oxford", I say "brogue." I'm pretty much Sarah Palin. Oh yeah, that was "rogue" and oh yeah, she makes me sick. Anyhoo, puh tay tow/puh ta tow....let's call the whole thing ON and get ta shoppin'.

Although, yesh, some vintage is in order. Why I didn't keep the brogues I wore in high school, I will never know. Color me silly.


Amy Amy Bo Bamy,
I am DYING for brogues numbers 1, 3 and 4 in the second row above. DYING, I tell you. I want some of the carmelly leather men's variety, preferably vintage. I have been keeping my eyeball regions peeled for some, but alas and alack, have only found them in very large, clown-sized shoes. I think we both know how I feel about clowns, so thusly, I cannot purchase any that even remotely remind me of The Mimes of Evil. Stupid jerk clowns, I HATE YOU.
But I digress.
Whilst I am digressing, however, I wanted to say that I appreciate your Thanksgiving sentiment from Turkey Day. I am not proud that it has taken me this long to respond to it, but I too am thankful for my ABI. You, sir, are the peanut butter to my jelly. To that end, I present to you this gift. Enjoy.


Stuff We Would Kiss On the Mouf: Random Inspiration

Brian Atwood, why oh why do you torment me with shoes that I cannot afford? Seriously. Knock it off. Or send me the following in a size 8. Loves!

This stylish lady brought to you courtesy of The Sartorialist. I heart her leather jacket and oxford shoes. Espesh the shoes. I'm on the hunt for some vintage oxfords meself. And a British accent to go with them.

Same stylish lady, same weird foot-stance. Seriously, what up with that?

From a new bloggity ogg I stumbled upon: A Bit of Fashion. I love everything about this photo, the blurred edges, the tomato red coat, the cuffed jeans, and the shoes. Oooooh, the shoes.

And finally, because I said these are random inspirations, enjoy, especially the glorious Jason Sudeikis' white man MC Hammer in the red track suit (in my humble opinion, the funniest SNL sketch in many a moon):

Happy Monday!


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Stuff We Would Kiss On the Mouf: The Glamourai, Part 8,212

Glamourai, you have reached the ranks of Cat Deeley in our love for you, and that is a LOT. Seriously, you are a constant source of inspiration. Thank you! Below are just a mere FRACTION of my Favey Crocketts. Enjoy!


Vintage dress and coat, reworked.
This look says Jason Mraz meets sexy hippie chick, and makes me feel I am lacking a fedora in my life. Elll-ohhh-veee-eeeee.

Uh, yes please, Phillip Lim inspiration. You had me at Sequin Pants.

Vintage kaftan, reworked. Loves. Durrrrr.

ANOTHER fabulous vintage jacket, reworked. Seriously woman, are there any fabulous vintage jackets left if you have them ALLLLL?????

I am not one to pair socks and heels, but I lurv this on her. LURV, I TELL YOU!!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Are We THERE Yet?

Yes, thankfully, the World's Most Boring Project Runway Ever has finally reached it's destination in Ho-Humville. I can't even bring myself to recap every look, so let's just go with my favey crockett from each designer.

Oh yeah, Irina won. NO ONE saw that one coming, did they?!

First things first - WHAT THE HELL WAS THIS, HEIDI KLUM????

For the love of God, woman, you have Tim Gunn at your disposal. I cannot believe that he would, in good consience, let you wear that shiny pink monstrosity onto the runway. Or as one of my fave-o PR recap bloggers - Una LaMarch says in the Huffington Post: "Women of America, stay away from this. Heidi is a professional. You will look like Hillary Clinton attending Ziggy Stardust's Glam Rock Brunch For the Cure." Well said, Mz. LaMarche.

Onward and Upward.

The Weiner: Irina

Shan: I actually love this outfit and would wear it any day of the week. That bigass sweater rocks, the pleather leggings rock. Yep. Love this. That's about all I can say for the entire collection.

Carol Daryl Hannah:

Shan: Lovely, but boring.


Shan: I was hard pressed to find ANYTHING I liked (let alone loved) in her collection, and maybe I settled on this because it is so close to the look that I like from Irina's. Still, how in the hell do you eat soup wearing this thing? Hate the leather bustier under it, but the general shape is okay.

To the Producers of PR: Let's hope we do not have a repeat of this season in January.

That is all.

Blah Blah,

Ames: I literally fell asleep before the end of this. Literally. Out. Cold. I think that sums it up.

Monday, November 23, 2009

That Settles It

This season - the "shortie" season - was my favorite season of ANTM yet (probably because the shorties are "my people"), and the top two finalists? Yeeesh, I don't know how they decided on the winner. Have there ever been two NICER, more genuine finalists? I think not. Nicole was my favorite throughout the season, but the more I saw Laura, the more I grew to luuuuurve her. I would've been happy with either two, but was really glad when Nicole won -and heartbroken for Laura. These girls ROCK.

Nicole Linkletter

Was anyone else disappointed with this photo? I was so excited to see it after Mr. Jay was peeing his pants during the shoot, and then when they chose this one, and this angle, I was disappointed. The earrings she was wearing were SO cool, and with all of her hurr, I thought it could've been a better shot. Das just me though.

Dreamy and lovely.

Laura Kirkpatrick

Bananas, Part Deux.

Holy hell - this was amazing. I was ascairt she was going home this night. They were making such a big deal about her having trouble with the rocks during the shoot, and she was getting upset, I was SURE she was out. And then this shot came up during panel. The judges were right - she looks almost identical to Rachel Hunter here. SO gorgeous.

Ames here,

I'm with Shan. And by "with" I mean "all of 5'3"." I also mean, "best season evah." I wanted both of these girls to win. Alas and alack, that was not to be. To all of you people reading this that hire models (and you know who you one reading this blog), please hire both of these girls. Thank you.

They.Are. Fierce.

Not fierce? Miss Jay's RIDICULOUS get ups. Can we just stop already with the outfits that get more idiotic each judge's panel? Don't get me wrong, I love me a puffy sleeve, but really. Really?

xoxo -
And while we're at it - Mr. Jay? For the love of Kenny Rogers, PUH-LEEEEZE lose the silver hair. For real. You are involved in making these girls look fierce each week. Do yourself a favor and go au natural again. That is all.

Sunday, November 22, 2009



I'm so thankful for you. Pass the wine, because here comes the cheese. My life is so much better because you are in it.

As you may have heard, Shan (do you love inside jokes on random blogs? excellent.) -
I'm off for an early morning flight to Boston for the Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends. And wine. I hope you have a fabulous holiday week and the little monkeys gets some new pictures for long-lost Aunt Amy. Oh, whaaaaaat?

Also, a shout out to Paul/PBI/aka Pablo.
Thank you to my husband for an early trip out for a belated anniversary date at this hotel before the "real" holiday begins. Well-known fact: I love me some cool hotels. I really, really do.


Friday, November 20, 2009

Stop The Presses

WHAT??? Three posts in one day? Have we gone mad?! We have!

Have you been to Karmaloop yet? Get thee hence QUICKLY for cute, reasonably priced stuff with an indie vibe.

Seeeeeee????? I TODE you!!!

Happy Friday




Came across the following while tripping through Blogland this morning, and lurve them both. Enjoy!

If I can't have that INSANE sweater maxi coat, I'll just DIE.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

One Of My Favorite Things?

This site. Awesome. (Just click it. I promise it's not skeery or nasty.)

Yes, we are doing it over there. That's called sarcasm. These people are mostly for reals though, ya'll. Hence the awesome website. That is all. Carry on.


These Are A Few of My Favorite Things....

Cat Deeley's vintage and gold lame dresses
Her makeup's perfection, and so are her tresses
The Blahnik's she wears, well they make me say SCHWING!
These are a few of my favorite thiiiiiings

Latte from Starbucks in grande non-fat, eh...
Bob Harper workouts when he gets all sweataaaay
Shopping for vintage and big costume riiiiings
These are a few of my favorite thiiiiiings

Sequins and sparkles and grommets and studs
One time in my life I ador-red The Judds
That guy on Top Chef who made fake chicken wings
These are a few of my favorite thiiiiiings


When the seat's up
way past midnight
and you fall right innnnn
I simply remember my favorite thiiiings
and then I let him have it for leaving the lid up, aaaaaagaaaainnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn*
(*I have to say that this doesn't happen at my house at all. The Hubs has NEVER left the lid up. I just couldn't think of another way to end it, and this worked, so SUE ME).

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


For the love of Bonnie Franklin, this vintage Pucci on Rachel Zoe is buh-nanas. Rachel, may I introduce you to Haagen Dazs' new Five ice cream? I would recommend a pint of Brown Sugar, toot sweet.



Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Stuff We Would Kiss On the Mouf, Er...Hand: Gloves

I was at the mall a few weeks ago and what did I spy with my little eye in the window of The Limited, but long, orange suede gloves. I immediately decided that I needed them in my life, but as I was on the hunt for a specific item at that time, I chose not to purchase said gloves.

Let's pretend these are the gloves of which I speak:

Though they are not, and I don't think they're even suede, but are a reasonable facsimilie. ANYhoozle, I digress....

Jump to this morning, when I receive my daily update from Mz. Rachel Zoe herself, and what is she featuring, but long....wait for it....gloves, but hode up....they are STUDDED. Gulp. Behold.

Fabulous, amazing, bananas OMG I DIE Nina Peter studded leatha gloves, at a mere $455. No problem. Or I could invest in a bedazzler and find a waaaay cheaper pair and DIY them meself. Actually, that's not a bad idea....

Of course, if anyone is feeling generous as we move into the holiday season, I would happily accept a size 7.


Dear Shan,

A) Bedazzle me some gloves, too, please and thank you.

B) While you're at it, I would like a the shoulder pad region of a black boyfriend jacket studded, too.



Monday, November 16, 2009

Um, YUM.

I maaaay have been perusing the ice cream isle at the grocery store the other day when what should happen, but I stumble across this Haagen-Dazs Five ice cream. And whilst perusing said ice cream, which only contains five ingredients (milk, cream, sugar, eggs, and brown sugar), a carton of Brown Sugar ice cream maaaay have accidentally slipped into my cart unawares, and whilst that happened, a carton of Coffee ice cream may have also slipped in, unbeknownst to moi. Imagine my surprise upon arriving home, to find the two suspicious containers in my grocery bags. Of course, I immediately put them in the freezer to leave for my husband. And by "immediately" I mean "immediately after I took the lids off of both containers, grabbed a spoon, and ate several spoonfuls of both flavors," because everyone knows that eating ice cream directly from the container, as opposed to scooping it into a BOWL and eating from that, automatically negates any calories ingested. Durrrrrrr.

Great Oden's Raven, they are heaven on a spoon, espesh the brown sugar. My waistline says no, but my lips say BRING IT TO MY MOUF.

Do your own mouth a favor and try them (mint, ginger, vanilla bean, passion fruit, coffee, brown sugar, and milk chocolate), and do my conscience a favor so I'm not the only one eating ice cream out of the container every night (at least until it's empty).


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Do Not Disturb

Stick with me here.

So this is how I operate. The potential for a job for Paul in Philly (where I hear it is ALWAY sunny) is sort of kind of on the table. A mere mention of maybe possibly (but more like me making things up in pretend land) working out of the Manchester, NH office becomes "we're moving to Manchester" in my head. I pretend this is reality because it's closer to the ultimate goal of being closer to the greater Boston area. I married an East Coast boy/Red Sox fan in case ya didn't know. Note: NY Yankees suck.

But, I digress...
So, cut to me looking at real estate in Manchester when I spied this. THIS. This house that needs some updating but is so ridiculously low priced that you almost wonder what is wrong with the town. Seriously, the real estate prices are insane for the region. With a price this low we could put some serious coin into updating it to perfection (rip out that kitchen fo sho) and still come in under budget.

Love the lush exterior. Love the cozy library for Paul's massive book collection. Love the Candice Olson potential in the master bedroom. Love the ideas spinning for the 3rd floor bedroom/office for Amy's party stuff and Operation Shower home office.

But let's be real here, I'm PEEING myself over the idea of renovating this extra bedroom into a huge Hollywood Glam dream closet/dressing area.
Could you die or what?

So if you'll do me a favor and keep it down and not wake me while I'm dreaming.

Merci, Ames

Note from the Editor...okay, iz me, Amy again.

This is also how I operate. I sit and obsess wondering if people with different budgets get offended by me calling this inexpensive and then talk about putting more money into it for renovations and that still being cheap. I know. I think too much. Listen to me now and hear me later, I am so not all about the benjamins. Just in one of those "What You Get For The Money" type shows the houses here are a LOT of house for the money. I've almost been in tears looking at some of the heinous houses five hundred k will get you around Boston. And they STILL need work. Depressing. Ya'll know the East Coast is jacked up so I'm sure you understand. I just don't want anyone to think I'm being a huge jerk. That's all.

Group hug.

Ohhhhh Amy - THAT'S not why we think you're a huge jerk.

We think you're a huge jerk for leaving us. Hmmmmmpfh! I just hope whatever house you end up with has room for The Trips, when they come to visit Aunt Amy and Uncle Pablo for 2 weeks every summer.


Friday, November 13, 2009


Here it is - The Dress from the November 11 elimination show. Tis Topshop, and the shoes are Cole Haan. Who'd have thunk?

Here are zee shoes. If you would like to buy them for me (in a size 8), you may do so here. I can't find the exact dress, and the one I found on Topshop is a weeeee, teeny tiny photo, so pull out your magnifying glasses. The shape of the skirt seems tulipy and similar....


Stuff We Would Kiss On the Mouf: Yukon Cornelius

Errrr, I mean Kevin Gillespie from Top Chef. Loves him, hope he wins.

Merci, and Happy Friday!


Ames: Yes, yes, yessy, yes. Love him. I love me some fussy food as much as the next girl who loves fussy food, but Kevin's approach to just keeping it simple and homey with an elegant twist is winner winner chicken dinner in my book. He consistently cooks things that need to get brung to my mouf. (For you, Natty Lite) And he's humble. Bonus.

Speaking of, a friend of mine just auditioned for Top Chef...eeee...cross your fingers. Remind me to tell him not to be the token d-bag.

Yeppers. K-Corn is the only chef-testant who has been consistently, GENUINELY nice to everyone, including Robin, who, though she talked waaaay too much, I still din't see why everyone hated her. And I thought he was so sweet when Eli won the QuickFire this week and got his recipe in the Top Chef cookbook, and K-Corn congratulated him and said "Hey, COOL!" like he REALLY MEANT IT. He sweet.
Dear Amy's Friend,
Do NOT be the Mike I. of next season's Top Chef. I don't want to have to hate any of the chef-testants from the very first episode again.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Stuff We Would Kiss On the Mouf: Cat Deeley, Part 897

It's a new season of SYTYCD, which means a whole new Cat Deeley wardrobe to droooool over. I WISH I could find a photo of the little red dress she wore on last night's elimination show, but alas, I cannot. Yet. Howevs, below are some of the amazing bananas she-just-killed-an-entire-family-of-five SICK ensembles that she has worn so far. Prepare yourselves.

Ames: She literally just killed an entire family of five. Literally. Tay. Tay. Tay. OMG Tay. (Did you read that RZ fired Taylor???) The dress last night looked like reworked vintage, don't you think? I mean, I don't think it was but it looked like it could be and that made me love it even more. And she was wearing a GLITTERY ROACH in her hair and looked adorable. Jerk.

Shan Again: Yes, I did hear that RZ fired Tay-Tay. I am skerred, mama. I cried. WHAT is Brad going to do????? If you need me, I will be rocking gently back and forth in the corner.

I think I pulled this photo from the official Cat Deeley website, which I will totally have to favorite. I'm a nerd like that. And just sightly stalkerish. This dress? I am SURE it's vintage, and it is perfection. Like Amy's addiction to ruffles, I think we all know by now about my crush on the bejeweled, bedazzled, and besparkled. This is Cleopatra hosts a cocktail soiree, and meluvs.

Ames: Ab Fab.

Cat, why you gotta make the rest of us look like we've been on a two-day bender and just stopped in to the local Kum & Go, picked up whatever cheesy souvenier tee-shirt they are selling and slapped it on with a trucker's cap and some dirty Wrangler's? That's just wrong.

Ames: I love it when you recap your weekend outfits on here. And yes, Cat's slouchy sequin number is bananas.

Shan: Thanks for loaning it to me. Don't worry - I'll get it back to you before this weekend.

If I ever come back as an Alien queen, this is what I want to look like. Hells bells, if I ever come back as a Sunday school teacher, this is what I want to look like. Rouland Mouret dress and Givenchy heels.

Ames: Dear Rihanna, take notes from Cat. This is how you do alien chic.

Shan: Trudat!


Hey, Shan -

While we're at it with SYTYCD:

We have not discussed how much this guy (who can DANCE)

Reminds me of this guy (who drives me crazy)

Let's just say I'm not a big "Mango" fan.


Dude - you are RIGHT. I never thought it until now! Speaking of Mango - I have been perusing their website this morning and am wondering why the hell we do not have a store here in my hood. They cheap AND cute. Just like us!