Monday, October 5, 2009

Stuff We Would Punch In The Mouf: Project Runway

Are you kidding me, Project Runway??? The challenge this week was to make a blue dress???!!! Oooooooh, step back! No one in their right minds would make a blue dress! That is cuh-RAZY! No, what is crazy is that when someone proposed this challenge, NO ONE at PR stepped up and said "Really? A blue dress challenge? While we're at it why don't we make necklaces of macaroni to wear with it. Thank you for playing - YOU'RE FIRED."

I can't even muster up the energy to recap everyone, but here are a few for your viewing pleasure (and by pleasure I mean complete mediocrity of design). Amy - feel free to add more photos and comment if you want.
Blah Blah,
The Winner: Irina
I don't know if Irina is getting the bitch edit these past coupla shows, but I am starting to dislike her almost as much as I dislike Nicolas, which makes me have the sads. This dress is just "meh" for me, though interestingly, I loved her sketches of it. Her treatment of Gordana, however, was just plain poopy.
The Loser: Louise
It was deffo time for Louise to go buh-bye, even though she seemed like a nice girl. I just think she may have been waaaay out of her comfort zone (and doesn't that immediately make you think of "Highwaaaaay to the danger zone! Gonna take it right into the danger zone...." No? Just me? Oh well....)
The Award for The It's Not As Bad As The Judges Said And I Must Be The One Woman Who WOULD Wear It goes to....
Christopher and Epperson:

Is it earth-shattering? No. Fashion forward? No. Did they re-invent the shirt dress? No, but I still loved it. I LOVED that it was a shiny broadcloth fabric. I would've worn a diferent belt/sash and funkier shoes with it, but das just me - I'm crazy like dat.

That's all I gots this week, folks. Project Runway - listen to me now and hear me later - if you do not step it up, I may be forced to go back to The Fashion Show when/if it returns, and NO ONE WANTS THAT!


I can barely muster up the muster to say I don't have anything to say about this episode. Wait. Does "epic disappointment" count? You know something's amiss when we don't even want to make fun of the bad. PR...come on. Snoozefest is right. You've entered into the world of Yawny Kitaen and that gives me the sads, too.

Come back. I miss you.




Jill said...

I liked the shirtdress too! But...I hated the bib bubble tunic with the tights.