Monday, October 19, 2009

Stuff We Would Kiss On the Mouf: FINALLY

Finally! A challenge worthy of Project Runway - the Bob Mackie/Christina Aguilera costume challenge. Alas, all was not as it should be. Where was the color? Where were the headdresses? Where was the juuuuust above pubic level skirt? There was sooooo much potential in this challenge, but unfortch, our group of designers did not step up. Not saying there weren't some tres cool looks among the bunch, but are you kidding me? EVERY FRIGGING ONE decided to do black, silver, or white??? I was SO waiting for someone to come out in the Bride of Heat Miser's wedding dress. Sigh....

Let's forge ahead, shall we?

Ames: I’m just glad this was not a Mariah Carey challenge. Although, on second thought, maybe it would have been good to see them propose she wear something other than a too tight and short mini-dress. What is it with her? Further, what is it with my obsessive disdain for her? I need to let it go.

The Winner: Daryl Carol Hannah

Shan: Daryl Carol is quickly moving into first place for me. She's so wee you could stick her in your pocket and carry her around like your very own teeeeeny tiny Fashion Plate come to life. I have to say, I really did love the dress that she created (but come ON - it's got feathers on it, for the love of Gavin MacLoud - why WOULDN'T I love it???), but as a stage costume? For Christine Aguilera? Who has to get her kick-ball-change on in it? Prolly not. Still, I'm glad the little lass won.

Amy: This recap brought to you by the letters “DURRRRRR.” Black sequins and feathers? Uh, durrrr. Love it. Love Daryl Carol, too. She’s adorable, talented and hasn’t annoyed me. Bonus points. I do think it’s more red carpet or standing still singing ballads and waving your arm up in the air to hit the High C, gimme a C, a bouncy C, but still…love it.

The Loser: Shirin

Shan: I have never been a Shirin fan, so I'm not really sad to see her go. However, am I the only one who has noticed that Heidi has a few choice "critiques" that she uses in each show? Last week's was brought to you by Oktoberfest, and this week's was courtesy of the Great Pumpkin Himself - Halloween! I'm not saying I even disagree with it, but I think Nina's comment that it looked like two different dresses sewn together was more on the money. Ah well...such is life in the pumpkin patch.

Amy: Now if we can just get rid of Nicolas and Irina all the whiny voices will be gone. I actually didn’t think this was that bad though. Great? No. The worst thing all season? Hail no. Call me holed up at home with the fever for days but it seems like one of those dresses to me that it someone else would done it, they would have loved.

Should Have Lost: Lady Marmalade...errrr....Christopher

Shan: First of all, Christina TOTALLY threw Christopher a bone when she saw his lip trembling, and those tears about to fall, when she gave him an E for Effort. I thought that was sweet. But girlfriend? Did you cut the top off of your prom dress and slap some booty shorts on? I believe you did. Thank you for playing, but that was a big fat fail. I can't believe he didn't get the boot.

Amy: I’m sad to say I may have to be done with Christopher. I’ve given him more chances than Mariah Carey has given NOT looking like a two-bit whor…oh, sorry, there I go again. I digress. Christopher, I like you but you’ve jumped the shark.


Shan: Wicked cool dress, loved the train, loved the way she plays with pattern and how she uses her fabrics. Don't know if it's dance appropriate, but an honorable effort, even if Althea does still irritate me.

Amy: Amazing how they all have the same budget and some make garbage (Christopher…looking at youuuuuu) and some make gorgeous. This is divine.


Shan: I didn't think this was soooo bad, though it was better wivout the fur shrug. Flintstone chic.

Amy: Not really that complicated or unique but still kind fun.


Shan: Though I would never be as bitchy about it as Heidi was, I had to agree that it was a good thing Gordana had immunity. This was like a really, really bad version of the tres cool "fish-scale" dress that Marion Cotillard wore to the Oscars last year? The year before? The spangly bodice made the model seem larger than she is. And the bewbie cups? Maybe they should have been lined with something to avoid a nasty eye-putting-out-incident.

Amy: Ditto.


Shan: Ice Capades, here we come! Seriously, I actually really liked this. I thought it was WAY better than his Ice Queen look a few eps ago. I could see C.A. wearing something like this, and thought it would've looked cool with her waaaay platinum hair and baby aspirin orange skin.

Amy: Hey look, Ice Queen V 2.0 actually looks the most stage costumey. Props for that. It’s hard for me to say this, but I really like it.


Shan: Irina, I am going to say it again: "You are not as pretty as you think you are." Seriously, something is wrong when Nicolas is starting to be LESS annoying than you. And if you are going to talk such smack about everyone, mayhaps you should think about making something a little less BORING.

Amy: Did she take a lingerie-inspired sketch from that one girl’s playbook that I can’t remember her name that got kicked off and I’m too lazy to look back at our recaps or Google but if I keep typing long enough it seems like it might be “Louise.” Is that right? I think it is. I feel better now. Oh, and Lena, if you are reading this – the show we couldn’t think of with Jim J. Bullock and Ted Knight was “Too Close For Comfort.” You’re welcome.


The Townhouselady said...

I was mad at all of them. Crap Crap and worse crap.

It's Bob Fricken Mackie peoples!! Spangles, feathers, glam, glitz!