Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Stuff We Do In Private: The Jerk

amy: lemme look at flights and figure out what we are doing to boston

me: aaaaiiiight what ARE you doing to Boston? inquiring minds want to know.

amy: talked about leaving sunday and make it a mini vacay to newport, RI on the front end and doing the hotel, tour the old mansions, newport thing

me: just give me plenty of notice so I have time to prepare the babies for your visit.

amy: (can't tell you b/c you'll tell boston) you better start now

me: I want to make sure they get their tantrums on when you're here okay

amy: i'm confident they are up for it

me: they're prepared
ohhhhh sweet wind cries mary, after Scarlett cried for THREE FRIGGING HOURS on Saturday night, I have no DOUBT they can get their tantrum on. little "Oooooooh, I don't WANNNNT to go to bed" jerk.

amy: seriously...does lying down hurt her?

me: no, but we did realize she has 2 new teefs coming in.

amy: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, teefs of doom time to bust out the chablis

me: yes, I guess molars will do that to a person
chablis for her or me?

amy: bof

me: cuz she's ....I mean I AM ...covered
speaking of tamales, I have a few things I will be putting in the MBB queue fo dis week. feel free to add as you see fit. or not

apparently it is just me here now
apparently I'm just talking to hear myself talk nice.
reeeeeealllll nice, Aaaaammmmy
jerk water
you're a 10 on the jerk-o-meter
jerk chicken
beef JERKy
stillllll waiting, Jerky McDouchbag ......sigh........
(5 minutes pass)

amy: sorry, on the phone I'M TRYING TO USE THE PHONE stupid certificate of insurance phone call

me: jerk of all trades
just thought of that one in the bafroom
oh brother, here we go again.
are you married to the Jerky Boys? Oh wait, you ARE the Jerky Boys.
I'm kind of losing my touch now, aren't I?

amy: you jumped the shark right after jerk of all trades
you had me until then now you're just be REDiculous
okee, have to find an answer for some dude about something I give two sh!ts about
later, dude will check the MBB at my convenience

me: let's do whatever Aaaaaammmy wants to do..... this IM is going STRAIGHT to MBB
(By the by, I don't really spell "ridiculous" like that. Just a huge pet peeve of mine that I like to call out when I can. Same with "definATEly"....makes me have the crazies when I read that. There, I feel better now. - Ames)


Jill said...

Apparently wine was involved during this IM!

The Townhouselady said...

I can smell the hooch from here!

MerciBlahBlah said...

I can neither confirm nor deny.