Friday, October 30, 2009

Open Post to Shan: Oh, great.

So tired of all this rain here and it’s Friday and I have the menses so I am rocking the pony and threw on a total Degeneres outfit with some black cazh pants, white tshirt that says “city of los angeles” on it with a skull and black rhinestones, a black jacket and chuck taylors this morning. Yeah, not thinking at ALL that the skull tee kinda looks like Halloween.

Now I’m so paranoid that it looks like I dressed up in a Holiday outfit. Not that anyone here cares but come ON….holiday outfits are ridiculous.

I think this is grounds to go home sick.


Jill said...

Hopefully you didn't wear that sweater!

GiGi said...

i bet you already have your christmas sweater that lights up, as well as a complimentary vest with jingle bells on it.

MerciBlahBlah said...

and don't forget the hat with mistletoe attached so everyone HAS to kiss her.