Thursday, October 15, 2009

An Open Letter to Amy

Seriously? We can't break 30 followers? I mean, come ON!! We've been around the 28 - 29 followers mark for-frigging-EVER. We can't get just ONE MORE PERSON (I'm looking at you, Jen) to sign up as the latest member of the Cult of Personality? Granted, I realize we haven't had much personality lately thanks to respective stress in both of our lives, but still. Where is the love?

And have you noticed the lack of comments on the Project Runway recaps? I have. Do people hate them? Love them? Are they so intimidated by our humorous recaps that they are afraid theirs will pale by comparison? Are they sleeping off a Colt 45 hangover of epic proportions? It's just always provocative to me. Et vous?

These are the thoughts I ponder as I'm eating breakfast before work (scrambled egg whites w/goat cheese and truffle oil, and Orowheat multi-grain sandwich thins with apricot preserves, if you MUST know). Geez - some people!

Mmmmm-kay. I hope you're feeling better today, Pooper.



I'm sorta kinda feeling better. Well enough to say, and don't take this wrong....I've come to realize the world either:

A) is not all about us.
B) is not ready for us.

More likely A) but if it IS B) then that's too bad so sad. Because, Oh Sheila, I for one am Ready For The World and I KNOW you are.



Chris @ Celebrations At Home said...

All I can say is, I love the sound of that breakfast!

careybic said...

Dear Merciblahblah,

I have been somewhat stalking your blogs for some weeks now - and happen to love your Project Runway recaps. I suppose one of these days I will have an official blog to officially follow you, but until then...just know that you gals have given me several good belly laughs/fashion inspirations. Hello...Lulu's!?

P.S. I trailed over here from the equally fabulous My Hair is Better Than Yours.


Style Scout said...

I am going to post to my FB followers about your fabulous blog...maybe you can break 30 then :)

I used to be a loyal PR watcher, but it stinks now that it is on Lifetime! So sad!

I am excited that SYTYCD is back on though, Cat looked so cute last night in these amazing ankle wrapped gladiators. I am sure she will bring it once the top 20 shows start.

you guys make me laugh every day! Thanks for your humor!

MerciBlahBlah said...

Yay!!!! I feel validated! I feel validated!!!!
Merci Homies -

Jill said...

Hola Chicas! I love ya'lls blog...particularily (I just butchered the spelling) the Project Runway posts. I tend to comment on blogs that comment on mine. I'm not sure why. Keep it coming. Your appreciated!