Friday, October 23, 2009

Fashion Icon Friday: Marion Cotillard

Do I really need to say anything about Marion Cotillard? She is pretty much flawless. She SO evokes Old Hollywood glamour:


but can also pull off more bohemian looks too:

(Nina Ricci)

I don't care what anyone else thought, I LOVED this gown.


I'm loving the funky long necklace with this dreamy dress.

This is SOOOOO ladies who lunch.


It's like we're sisters or something. I am ALWAYS standing around my garage in an evening gown on a makeshift workbench.

Love this next series of photos, and I have NO idea where they're from. Thank you, Google Image Search!

This one is my Favey Crockett. Love the 1970s Faye Dunaway-esque vibe going on .

Happy Friday!



GiGi said...

you mean to tell me there is a person on this planet that didn't like her gaultier??

i couldn't be friends with them.
you, on the other hand, you i could be friends with.