Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What TO Wear

This weekend my my friend Natty Lite and I are going to see Clinton Kelly at the local Macy's(and by my friend "Natty Lite" I mean Natasha of the fabulous hair, and not beer of the skunk). Needless to say, I am already fretting about what I am going to wear. I mean, I'm going to see Clinton Kelly, for the love of Thurston Howel the Third - it had better be good! It needs to be as good as the outfit I wore the first time I met The Hubs. No, scratch that - it had better be as good as the ensemble I wore when Amy and I had OUR first date.

So I think I have decided on my D&G skinny grey pinstriped pants, a slouchy burnout tee, white tuxedo jacket, faboo shoes and lots of bling.

I am HOPING that we get a chance to meet Mr. Kelly, and maybe even ask him a few questions to post here on our humble blog. Keep your collective fingers crossed, and let's hope my sartorial statement is the right one.

Oh crap - you don't think a tuxedo jacket is too much for a trip to the mall, do you??????




A) Noooo, everyone wears tuxedo jackets to the mall in Kansas. Don't be silly. Just kidding gaggle of cool people in Kansas. Just kidding. I'm from Oklahoma for the love of Buck Owens.

B) You already know I approve this message and this outfit. Pictures please.

C) Seriously. I know we've discussed this before but OUR first date was like getting ready for the Oscars. The nerves.

Have fun with Natty Lite and CK One. I thought Clinton needed a nickname, too. Maybe I'll work on one that is less remniscent of a smell you could NOT escape at the gay clubs circa whatever year that came out. It was ALL the rage. Like the Love's Baby Soft girl craze of 1985 in Jr. High Oklahoma. Heady times.


xoxo -