Monday, September 14, 2009

Stuff We Would Kiss On the Mouf: Project Runway Recap

Thankfully, PR gave us a better challenge this week, but WHERE ARE THE REGULAR JUDGES???? I'm all for a guest judge now and then, but this is getting ridiculous. Oh well, on to the festivities:

Ames: And I ask thee, WHERE ARE THE OUTFITS THAT MAKE ME GASP? It hasn't been all bad this season but I have to yet to fall in deep love with something like oh, say, Terri's rocking suits of yore. Remember those, Shan? Sigh. We loved those.
Shan: True dat, dawg. True dat, and I concur. No one has knocked me up yet. I mean OUT. No one has knocked me OUT yet.
Winner: Althea
Shan: Really? THIS is what won??? It looked sloppy, made the model look bigger than she was, and HELLOOOOOO BOOBS! It was boobtacular. Boobalicious. If I had been watching in 3-D, I'm sure I would've gotten a black eye. I did not see what the judges loved about this. I mean, I'm all for a cute jacket and all, but there were SEVERAL looks that deserved to win more than this one.
Amy: At first, I didn't care for this. Then, I did. I thought it was at least different than just a dress and kinda fun and hip. Then, I see it in this picture and it's just wrong. I'm confused. Mostly I really like it though. Just not in this photo.

Should Have Won: Nicolas

Shan: I know, I know after last week's trannylicious travesty, I didn't know he had it in him either. Why this dress did not win is beyond me. It. Is. Bananas. Gorgeous modern silhouette, with just a hint of vintage excellence in that neckline. I see 30s, 40s, even 60s inspiration in it, and meluvs. I die for this dress. Nicolas, call me - I'm a size 4....

Amy: Well it sure isn't hard to beat lace garter ho hose but he really redeemed himself with this little numbah. This is just lovely and cool and chic and THANK YOU, Nicolas.

Loser: Qrystil

Shan: Again, I didn't think this was as bad as other dresses, but based on her past "taste issues," I am not shocked the judges sent her packing. And for the love of Sherman Hensley, what was SHE wearing this time around? It was like she suddenly aged 30 years and moved to Boca.

Amy: This is a nice black dress. Actually I like it a lot for what it is. No, it doesn't make her stand out per the theme of the week, but it is in no way the worst of the week. I'm kind of sad in a way to see her go because seeing what she was wearing each week was kind of like a little side show in itself.
Shan: You make me laff, Amy Blah Blah. You really do.
Should Have Lost: Logan
Shan: Logan is pretty, no doubt about it, but this dress? Not so much. Is that skirt wonky, or is it just me? Too much bulk going on around the waist. Though I LOVED your silver jeans, Logan, thank you for playing, but try again.

Amy: Sigh. I wish he designed as pretty as he looks. This actually had potential (okay, maybe the part where I thought it was going to be some fab vintage recreation got me) but went wrong.

Other Mentionables
Shan: I think this is pretty adorable, though this particular green is not my fave. Love the bust and the drop waist - the only thing I'm not crazy about are the black bands. If they were done in another color, I think they'd be better. Still, it's pretty fricking cute.

Amy: Part of me reads this as Prom and part of me really, really likes it, actually. I'm kind of digging the pop of color. It ain't easy being green but she does it well.

Top Ra'mon

Shan: I know - it's already been done on Sex and the City, but I still love it. Love the color, love the giant bow, love the length, love his model Vanessa. She purty.

Amy: Do we even have to ask if I love this ginormous floral/bow concoction? I don't think we do, but in case you're new here...I.Love.It.


Shan: I know Amy's not crazy about the bands/strips sewn on, but I think this look rocks. Kind of Barbarella Goes to a Cocktail Party. Loves the dress with the boots, and if memory serves, I think the back was kind of asymmetrical fab.

Amy: Actually I like this, Shan. I'm not that excited by the strips of fabric woven together to make an outfit anymore (don't get me wrong, I sure the hail couldn't do it and can appreciate it, it's just nothing new on PR anymore) but this is different. I just don't know what to do with Epperson. Do I like him or not? See "confused" above.


Shan: I'm so glad Louise busted out of the "I do 40s cocktail wear" for this look. I think it was better on the runway than in still photo, because the fabulous collar on that dress even made me like Fatma, which I don't normally. See - fashion CAN bring people together. Can't we all just get along???

Amy: Hi, big collar. Call me.

Daryl Carol Hannah:

Shan: I'd give this a thumbs-up, even though it's not my favey crockett in the bunch, but I do loves that leather looking skirt. Well played, Daryl Carol.

Amy: This is pretty cool and something that stands out in the bunch this week. I know...hilarious commentary, right?

And Now For the Ho-Hum...


Shan: Oh, I'm sorry - I must've fallen asleep and dreamt I was attending the most boring fashion show ever. Hells bells - it WASN'T a dream - it was just Johnny's dress.

Amy: Dillards' "Better Dresses" department called and wants its dress back it carries EVERY season.

Shan: tee hee.....


Shan: Another dress that was a snooze-fest for me. Nothing we haven't seen a million times before.

Amy: The only way I know I'm not asleep right now is that I am typing.


Shan: I like the shape of this lil number better than the print on the dress. If it were something else less distracting, I think I could say I loved it. As it is, not so much.

Amy: Cute, but looks wedding guesty or ladieth who lunch to me.


Shan: Make this a weeeee bit longer, and in a different color, and....oh hell, I still would think it was boring. Never mind!

Amy: Am I even typing right now? Actually, this in a different color could be nice. Boy, it photographs badly though, does it not? ANSWER ME!
Shan: That it does. Cheese and rice - SOME PEOPLE!