Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Stuff We Would Kiss On the Mouf: Christian Siriano

Spring 2010 collection from Ms. Project Runway. Girlfriend shut it DOWN. Enjoy!



Oh my hell - that print - that ruffle. Bravissimo.

Soooo 1970s Cocktail Party Hostess Chic Goes Greek. Swoony.

More gorgeous print, which he got BTW, from inspiration from the Italian coast. Guh.


I love how the color story of his show moves from cool to warm. Don't I sound very fashiony? Color story?

A veritable rhapsody of ruffles. As my grandma always said - "You can't wear just one." Okay, maybe it wasn't my grandma who said that, maybe it was a potato chip company, and maybe they weren't talking about clothing but potato chips, and maybe they weren't intending to WEAR them but EAT them, but I think you hear me knocking, and I think I'm coming in. Get ready to live, dress. In my closet. If I had a buttload of money and someplace to wear you to.

No....words.....I used them all up above....
Ames: I have however many words this is about to be: THIS is what is missing about PR this season. Would someone pleeease step up and make me love you like we love Christian? Is that too much to ask?
Shan: Hell, I'd even go for Santino at this point.


The Townhouselady said...


Loved every single piece.

MerciBlahBlah said...

and YES!
Merci -

sarah said...

I was in LOVE with this collection!