Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Stuff That Makes For Good Ear Candy: Barcelona

Not only is Barcelona so, so good on my ears, but it's also VERY fun to say "Barrrthelona"and pretend I'm a jet-setter (with a lithp? - Shan). A real globe-trotter if you will. Which, by the by, was I think my birthday outing in the 4th Grade. No, not Spain. A Harlem Globetrotters game. Yes, it was my request and yes, it was fun. And, yes, they won. I know, right? What were the odds? (It was probably your magical satin jacket - Shan)

Where was I? Ah, yeth, Barrrthelona (with a lithp - Shan).

So, I will admit that I just recently found this cd even though apparently it was released in 09 of 07. BUT, in my defense, it seems I am not alone as it's just now really getting some mayjah buzz. (You may have seen this video clip making the rounds that featured one of their songs and sparked the fire.)

I'm okay with being lame. I'm not okay with being dead last. And, I am so very glad I didn't come upon this one moment later because it has already brought me lots of the happy.

What's it like, you ask? Well I hate to compare because I'm sure they are reading this and will hate me for not saying they are like no one else (which to they really are their own thang and I urge you to listen) but, if I me at times they are parts Coldplay (I know...I can't get away from Chris and the Gang style...sue me), parts Keane, parts Death Cab, parts Radiohead, and ALL fabulous.

I read some random review that said by mid-disc it gets boring and by the end you are probably asleep. What do I say to that? I say that reviewer is probably someone with which I don't want to hang. Okay, definitely is more like it. You heard me, I am never hanging out with you (big jerkey jerk - NEITHER of us want to hang with you. EVER. - Shan).

I will just be over here listening to my Barrrthelona and dreaming of tapas. I mean, thoroughly enjoying every single moment of it.


Shan: Oh my - just lithtened to a wee bit, but that's niiiithe. HEY - WHY AM I SUDDENLY LITHPING????? DOH! I shake my fitht at you, Barrrrrrrthelona!!!