Monday, September 28, 2009

PR Recap: What the WHAT?!!!!

I reached the point in last week's PR where I was almost ready to give it up. ALMOST. Is it just me, or ARE THE JUDGES SMOKING CRACK????????? I'm not even going to go into it - let's just get on with it, shall we?

The Winner: Nicolas

Shan: I think this comment from Project Rungay says it best: "It looks SOOO CHEAP. Like I could buy that costume from the CVS Halloween aisle." Note to Nicolas: Girlfriend, you need to build a bridge and GET OVER YOURSELF.

Amy: Because of the story and idea of it, this is my favorite thing Nicolas has done. But wait up, I don't care for Nicolas or his work, so really that's not saying much.

The Loser: Top Ra'Mon

Shan: I was so disappointed to see Ra'Mon go. I thought he had real potential, but this dress? Ra'Mon - Sigmund the Sea Monster called, and wants his drag costume back.

Amy: I loved Top Ra'Mon. He was a real highlight of this season for me. I miss him already even if this outfit frightens the bejeebus out of me.


Shan: I can't even do a "Should Have Won" this week, because the judging criteria was so inconsistent I don't think even the JUDGES understood it. Still, I LOVED this number. Vampire's wedding attire? I think Daryl Carol Hannah's fit that description better. For realsies though, that blouse? And the BACK of it? Even better than the front. Want.

Amy: I don't know why, but this is so insanely gorgeous to me. I love all the details. Love, love, love. I wonder if this dress has a brother?


Shan: Hey kids! Don't forget to stop by the Old Timey Photo Booth to get your picture taken in saloon girl getup! How this was not in the bottom three but Gordana's was is beyond me.

Amy: Well, she totally nailed the saloon girl outfit but there's nothing new about it at all. At allllllll.

Shan: Logan, you are starting to bore me. Honey, you are hot, but you had better step it up!

Amy: Yawn.


Shan: My fave of the night, even with the "Is it bubble-wrap or is it organza?" cape. Love the detail on the bodice, and the way she sewed the black strips. Gorge.

Amy: This is stunning and interesting and THANK YOU for not boring me.

Daryl Carol:

Shan: Probably my second fave of the night, but only because I'm a sucker for a patent leather catsuit and harness.

Amy: Shan really does love a good harness. The end.

Shan: This dress really isn't bad, but man, compared to some of the other cool costumes that came down the runway, it was a SNOOZEFEST. I don't think it fit the criteria of film noir, but still, it's okay.

Amy: It's not bad but it's not exciting. I thought I was going to love it to infinity when she was constructing it but the end result was just okee.


Shan: Pretty kick-ass, but still, nothing outstanding about it. Wait - can one be kick-ass and NOT outstanding?????? Yes, yes, I believe one can.

Amy: I can't even remember what category this was. Clearly it didn't knock me off my pedastal. Oh, I mean, knock my socks off me.


Shan: Judges, why you gotta hate on Gordana???? Seriously - I mean, she is probably not the strongest competitor on the show, but she's as strong as anyone else. I liked this dress, hated the shoes with it, and REALLY hated the beaded trim she used as a necklace. Still, she didn't deserve the bottom three. Again.

Amy: Yes, seriously, seriously. I think Gordana has turned out some of the better stuff this season so what gives? This is not very exciting but it's not bad either. Ease up on G, yo.


Shan: This was pretty awesome. That wrapped leatha belt KILLED me. The ruffles? Rufflicious. Not really straight up "western wear," but as close as anyone else got with the ambiguous challenge.

Amy: This.Was.Bananas. Someone call Best Western and tell them they have to share their title. The level of detail and workmanship on this driving me crazy in all the good ways. Giddyup.


Jill said...

I really wanted Epperson to win...I thought it was amazing!

The Townhouselady said...

I gasped when I saw both Epperson's and Christopher's dresses. Stunning, both of them. One them should have won. I honestly though Nicholas was going to lose. When they gave him the win it was all I could do not to hurl something at the TV.

MerciBlahBlah said...

I know - I feel your pain. Nicolas' dress was a crapgasm.

Belle de Ville said...

I'm in agreement with Epperson and Christopher's dresses. They were amazing.