Sunday, September 20, 2009

PR Recap: Black and White and Read All Over

FINALLY! An interesting challenge that separated the wheat from the chaff. I can't believe I just wrote that. Let's get on to it, because we have Emmy ensembles to review as well.

Amy: Let me preface this by saying I've been working on a Princess 5 Year Old Birthday Party all weekend and am just now getting to this. I'm fresh out of wheat sayings and probably anything remotely interesting. I's tired. Okay then....

Shan: Fresh out of wheat saying????? I'm so confused, sooooo, so confused.....

The Winner: Irina

Shan: Praise Jeebus, the right person FINALLY won a challenge! I. Love. This. Coat. If I didn't think it would melt right off of me in a rainstorm, I would wear it tomorrow. Irina, can you please recreate this in wearable fabric? Love the giant collar and cuffs, love the length of the sleeve, the belt, and I think you know how I feel about the pockets. No? Well, I would carry Irina around in them.

Amy: I can't recall now who was making fun of this coat but I can recall that I wanted to punch them in the lungs. I adore this. I want.

The Loser: Johnny and "Please Pick Me, I'm On the DREAM TEAM" Model

Shan: This is the first week I have been royally ANNOYED with the models. Dream Team, you need to build a bridge and collectively GET OVER YOURSELVES. You are not curing cancer. Granted, it can't be easy to stand around all day wivout peeing or eating, but Mother Teresas you are not.

And now, I present to you Johnny, The Amazing Lying Liar. The steamer maliciously squirted all over your Dioriffic initial gown and ruined it? Beyotch, puh-leeze. Did you think the camera crew following you around and filming as you wadded the dress up and threw it in the trash was there for your E True Hollywood Story? That dress was a hot mess. Tim Gunn's comments to your initial dress that it looked like kindergartner's had made it was kind. The pointy, uncentered boob plate, the ziggy-zaggy hem, the giant faces pasted on the front? Epic. Fail. Buh to the bye.

Amy: Oh, Johnny. Those people in the room have film in the camera (or magic digital thingies that I still don't understand but am grateful for) so sistah please. I love your overcoming addiction story but do not love this dress. Kisses. Don't let me see you on Intervention because crack is whack.

LeAnne, errr...Anna from The Fashion Show, errr...Shirin

Shan: And the winner for the most copied butt-cup dress goes to Shirin. Don't get me wrong - it was adorable, but I just saw it on the craptastic PR replacement on Bravo - The Fashion Show. Been there, done that.

Amy: SO not "wearable" but thanks for playing.

Top Ra'Mon:

Shan: Yeeeeeaaaah, not loving this one. And after hearing that the models were forced to stand and not pee for 7 hours, I can understand why she is standing like this. I realize they are working with paper, but his design makes her look much bigger than she is. Just don't love it.

Amy: I don't love it but it's paper. PAPER. So I'll not withhold all props to you.


Shan:What in the name of Sid Viscious is punk about this look? Oh, right - NOTHING. At the very least, he should've had her wear razor blades around her neck or something, instead of a delicate string of beads. Thank you for playing, try again!

Amy: I actually like the stripedy goodness of this outfit but probably not nearly as much as you love it, Nicolas. You bug me with your overconfidence.


Shan: Did Louise take all the corks from every bottle of wine she has had in the last few months and use them to make that neck funk? Don't love it, and I HATE what she did to Minnie Mouse's...errr...Fatma's hair. The actual bust and skirt of the dress I like - it's just that cork like detailing I am not fond of.

Amy: Love the skirt but the corkneck makes me want to knock it all off.


Shan: I was really kind of upset on Gordana's behalf. I thought hers was one of the best, most wearable looks, and then the judges pulled that "it looked TOO wearable" crap. I totally agreed with her response that she was given such unconventional material to work with, and thought that the objective was to MAKE SOMETHING WEARABLE. Was it my favorite look? No, but I can appreciate the construction and effort that went into it, especially in comparison to some of the others.

Amy: I'm with Shan..."wearable" should not be a four-letter word. A) Because I know how to spell and it's 8 letters and B) compared to a lot of the dredge that's gone down the runway this season, "wearable" is a very good thing. I love this. Love the patterns she made with le papier (oooh, French) and the silouhette of this.


Shan: I liked this, but it was just so middle of the road that nothing reallllly stands out to me about it. Next!

Amy: Meh. A little too angular for my liking.

Daryl Carol Hannah:

Shan: No, no, no, no, no.

Amy: I really love the idea of this but think it's the color that is making my eyes throw up a little.


Shan: And the winner for Hottest Guy Who Probably Shoud've Been Auf'd Last Week But Thank God He Wasn't Because He Look GOOOOD In Tight Shiny Pants And Came Back With This Gorgeous Little Dress goes to......

Amy: This is so freaking cool. I know, I have a way with words. You work on a Princess Party for days and tell me you don't just want to go sit down with some wine and watch the Emmy's.


Shan: And the winner for the Dress I Thought I Was Going to Like Best Upon Description Until I Saw Irina's goes to....Seriously, he had me at "feathers." Durrrrr....Loved this dress, and did his model WORK IT or WHAT? I was expecting her to bust a move to I'm Too Sexy at the end of the runway.

Amy: First of all I LOVE this. Love. I do not love the fact that Shan has that stupid song stuck in my head now. Hey, Shan....I want my Baby Back, Baby Back, Baby Back...Chiliiiiiii's. You're welcome.

Shan: And the winner for the "Is She Getting Too Big For Her Britches?" award goes to....I really did love this dress, and the effect she got from the construction and repeating pattern she used, not to mention that the shape of the dress is just fierce. Still, Althea is starting to tap dance on my last nerve. I don't even quite know why - she just is.

Amy: My faves o'the night. I don't know how she made paper look elegant but she did. I think it's stunning.