Wednesday, September 9, 2009

An Open Letter to Amy

Dear Ames,

It is a good thing I have been seeing a therapist to deal w/my stress, because once Biggest Loser starts, I may have to add on some special sessions. Seriously - have you read about this contestant????

And for the love of Merv Griffin, Bob and Jillian are joining forces this season? I love it, but I feel terribew for those contestants. Do you think B and J (tee heeeee) are building an army of Bionic Men and Women? Terminators? American Gladiators?

I am afeared, mama.


Oh noes. Can I have your therapist's number so we can get two fers? I will commute. This is gonna be ugly. Must buy Kleenex. Oh, and, a friend of mine (one of the ones that auditioned for BL in OKC) has a friend who made the show. I'll have to look it up and see who she said again. It's a dude is all I remember. So, we have to root for him unless he's a d-bag, mmmkay?
Sweet Count Chocula though, SYTYCD starts again this week so we can escape into the world where we pretend we can "totally do that" and forget our fears. I mean, we've Zumba'd. That is pretty much like being on SYTYCD, right? This show starting again already is like manna from heaven with more sequins and the occasional suggestive move.
Bob looks a wee bit loopy in that picture. He looks like he's about to pass out. DIBS on CPR!
You keep your mouf off of my Gay Husband, woman. I will cut you.