Friday, September 18, 2009

More Is More

If you have not visited the fab blog Stella's Roar, get thee hence and check it out. It's like a little treasure chest of the amazing, beautiful and exotic.

On my visit over the weekend, I discovered her post about the woman above, Iris Apfel. If you believe in accessorizing like I believe in accessorizing, do yourself a favor and check it out - the photos of her are pretty amazing. Her jewelry collection is like nothing I've ever seen, and it reaffirms my desire to find some gorgeous, ethnic/tribal jewelry, specifically a tuareg or dome ring:

Back to Mz. Apfel - I intend to put the following on my wish list, also featured on Stella's Roar:

After turning 40 this year, I have had the thought cross my mind several times "I wonder what I will be like in another 40 years. Will I still care as much about fashion then as I do now?" After seeing the photos of Mz. Iris, I can honesty say I only hope I am a smidge as fabulous then as she is.




Thanks for starting this post. I love Iris Apfel so much. Last visit to Boston to see the in-laws I actually missed meeting her by one stinkin' week. She was set to visit the Peabody Essex Museum where we were to do a book signing. The ladies in the museum gift shop told me she was coming...I think maaaaaaaaybe because I was wearing 4 necklaces that day and drooling over this HUGE piece in the shop (shout out to museum gift shop jewelry selections...hollaaa). Anyhoo we proceeded to oooh and ahhh over the book and then I cried a little. Okay, not really but I could have. Me loves.

Style Icon indeed. Indeeeeeeeeeeed.



Jill said...

Hey Chica! Thanks for the shout out...or should it be blog out?! I've decided that rather than age gracefully, I'm going to age eccentrically...wearing pounds of Tibetan jewelry, crazy red hair, and silver bells dangling from my sleeve theatrically hoisting a giant martini glass to my boldy painted lips.

There's a run-on sentence for you! Big smooch on the mouf!