Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lusting For

I know they say to spend your hard-earned money on good quality classics that will last forever, but I am like a bird with a shiny object when it comes to cheap, trendy stuff. Like Amy mentioned in last week's post, Lulu's fits the bill quite nicely. Please to check the drool-worthy stuff below.

Patricia Grey Ruffle T-Strap Platforms
Anne Michelle Survivor 36 Platforms
(Apparently I am jonesing for some grey platforms)

Telegraph Avenue Dress
(I am TOTALLY ordering this one to wear w/my Frye Harness boots).

Sundial Belted Dress
(Sooooo 1972 chic)

Stella Maxi Dress
(I think we have already established how I feel about tie dye...)

Sahara Shift Dress in Navy
(Reminds me of the DOPE vintage dress that Glamourai blogged about and which we featured here)

Tie Dye Leggings
(Don't make me repeat myself, Tie Dye...)

Owl of My Eye Grey Dress
(Could you BE any cuter? Would you like to come live in my closet? Why yes, yes you would.)

Masquerade Maxi Dress
(I love a good Deborah Messing "I have no boobs so I can rock the HELL out of a deep halter and look sexier than Pamela Anderson" dress.)

First Lady plaid jacket
(There is a jacket like this on Looklet, and I have used it in a bejillion looks so far. I LOVE this.)

California Stars dress
(Love the watercolor painterly print, and pockets? Fugeddabout it.)

Anarchy Cutout Dress
(For $26, this is coming home w/me.)




Natasha said...

My fake birthday is coming up you guys!