Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Lusting For

Issa Kimono Mini Dress

I don't even remember where I came across this particular Issa kimono mini, nor do I know what my fascination with kimonos and kaftans is as of late, but after I saw Rachel Zoe wearing a SICK Stella McCartney kimono jacket in last week's Rachel Zoe Project, that pretty much clinched it, and I am on the HUNT for one. I also know of people's fear and loathing of Rachel Zoe, but I don't care - the woman is a fashion icon. Seriously. Her vintage collection alone makes me swoon. Does she need to eat a sandwich? Yes. Can she walk into Fred Leighton and point at uh-maz-ing pieces of jewelry that cost as much as my house and say "I'd like that, that, and that," and they GIVE IT TO HER? Yes. Dude - where did I go wrong in my career choice?

Amy: Yes. Yes, yes, yes, yessie yes. This Issa dress is mayhaps one of my fave Issa creations and that is saying a lot because they are all pretty sick. Remember that iloveshoes lady on MyStyle Diary, Shan? She had a KILLER collection of Issa. I tried to stalk her recently and apparently she has moved on as well. Sadness. I liked to peep her.

And, RZ. You know how I feel about her. I hope you watched it last night. Sometimes, when I watch RZP and she enters a vintage store, I have a brief moment where I think I might vomit from excitement. Is that normal?

Free People Sequin Blazer

This will be mine. Oh yes, it WILL be mine.

Amy: Girl, you know F21 will knock that off.

Free People Ruffled Military Jacket

Hello cutie. Would you like to come live in my closet? Why yes, yes I would.

Amy: Uh, it's time for some Danny DeVito and Aaaahnold action because we about to be Twins. Loves this jacket.

Christian Louboutin Nitoinimoi Bandage Boots
I know I have blogged about these before, but I am obsessing over them. I am ready to find a good pair of knock-offs and call it a day, because homegirl is NOT paying $1,200 for them. Mr. Louboutin, if you're reading this, care to send me a pair in a US size 8? Mmmmwwwaaahhh!!!



Amy: Yep, those will be knocked off. Or I can just get you the real ones for an early Christmas pressie. You pick.


Jill said...

I adore Zoe's style too. She seems like an utter wackjob, but I have my moments as well.

And I adore all things Issa.

Style Scout said...

ohhh, last night's episode was too, too much!!! I wanted to drop kick Taylor across the NYC skyline! Her job is a dream (which I am sure is not easy sometimes) but, come on...you are working for the hottest stylist. She wouldn't be able to get another job with a tude like that. meow! What's up with some of RZ's clothing choices though...that sunny yellow thing she had on last night was not much better than the mint green leather last week.