Monday, September 21, 2009


Get ready to live, people - here comes our Emmys fashion recap (or re-crap, in some cases - you know who you are...)

Before we get to the glitz though, I just have a few comments:

1. Amy had her entire post typed out and saved, but Blogger decided at the last minute to wipe everything away, so you are stuck with me. If we're lucky, and she decides to recreate everything, she will addsies later. Carry on!

Amy: Shan is right. Fists were a shakin' at Blogger last night. Can we just all pretend it was hilarious the first time around? This one may not be so much but I will feel like a jerk if I don't play along.


a) Are you kidding me? Cat Deeley was not nominated as the best reality show host? What the eff? She is adorable, charming, self-deprecating, funny, sweet, etc. etc. ad nauseum. Let's make sure she IS nominated next year, capiche?

b) The Amazing Race got it a-frigging-GAIN this year? I have never even watched the show, and have vowed never to do it, because I'm so SICK of it winning.

c) 30 Rock: Okaaaaay, we GET it - you are funny! Are you funnier than The Office? No. Cheese and rice -step back and let someone else have a turn!

d) Jon Hamm: HOT. Hot hot hot hot hot. I don't even watch Mad Men, but DAYUM, he hot. Have I mentioned how frigging HOT he is?

e) Blake Lively: Aren't you a little too young to be wearing a dress slit up to your bajingo? Where was your mother, for the love of Nellie Olson?!

All right - enough of that. We're going to do a Top Five and Bottom Five between us, but let's face it, we share a brain, so there's a lot of overlap. Enjoy!



Shan's Top Five:
1. Jennifer Carpenter
2. Ginnifer Goodwin

3. Perrey Reeves
4. Cat Deeley
5. Kara Diwhoseewhatsit from American Idol
Alternate: Rose Byrne

Amy's Top Five
1. Kara Diwhoseywhatsie
2. Perrey Reeves
3. Mila Kunis
4. Cat Deely
5. Jennifer Carpenter

Jennifer Carpenter

Shan: Gorgeous silhouette, dazzling beading, dreamy bodice and shoulder detail, but most importantly, eye candy on the arm. I will ATTEMPT to forget that she plays his sister on Dexter but is married to Michael C. Hall in real life. Jerk.
Amy: I really want to hate her because she's married to Hottie McHotPants MCH, but in this dress it's nearly impossible. She's never look better. Stunning.
Ginnifer Goodwin

Shan: ALMOST my fave of the evening. That color is sublime, I love the exaggerated sweetheart neckline and the necklace, and her makeup is perfection. She is adorable.
Perrey Reeves

Shan: Old Hollywood Glam at its best. Meluvs.
Amy: GUH. THUD. Those are the sounds I made when I saw her in this vintagey yet modern beaded beauty. Would you just LOOK at all the detail? THUD. Oh no, it happened again.

Cat Deeley

Shan: We all know by now that Cat can do no wrong in our eyes. We would probably put her on the list even if she showed up in something horrific, like a burlap sack, or a Juicy Couture Brentwood Trophy Wife track-suit. Okay, maybe not THAT, but as it was, she was stunning in a one-shouldered Grecian gown. Call us, Cat....
Amy: Yo, ACADEMY. Do not deny Cat D her shot at the prize. She kills it on many levels. She's more than a pretty face and a sick wardrobe. She is the Hostess With The Mostess. Next year better have her on ze list of nominees or you will have MBB to answer to.

Kara Diwhoseewhatsit

Shan: This photo doesn't do justice to the loverly white, goddessy gown that whats-her-face wore. Soooo delicious.
Amy: The draping. The scalloped (iz not Top Scallop) beaded neckline. Do I need to say more?

Mila Kunis

Amy: Mila schooled the model. Okay, sure so the dress was styled differently and altered some and sure I have a total girl crush on Mila from one of my fave movies, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, but still....this is hip and young and fresh and the color is to die for.

Shan: I couldn't decide whether or not I liked this look, but I thought her makeup was stu-huh-huh-ning.

Rose Byrne

Oh my. Dreamy, just dreamy.

Annnnnd the bottoms....

Shan's Bottom Five:
1. Obama Girl
2. Jessica Lange
3. Sarah Silverman
4. Nancy O'Dell
5. Lisa Edleman
Alternate: Kyra Sedgwick

Amy's Bottom Five
1. Obama Girl
2. Shar Jackson
3. Jeanne Tripplehorn
4. Elizabeth Perkins
5. Sarah Silverman

We're going to mix these up a bit, just for sh!ts and giggles....

Obama Girl

Shan: What da HAIL?????

Amy: Really? She's just being ridiculous. We all need a Health Care plan after this vomit-inducing disaster.

Nancy O'Dell

Shan: Nancy O'No She Din't is more like it.

Jessica Lange

Shan: WHAT has happened to Jessica Lange's face? The entire time I was watching her last night, I just kept thinking "She looks NOTHING like she did in Tootsie or Cape Fear." I am just sad looking at her, because of what she used to be. I can't even say that I would never have any kind of work done, but she hardly looks like the same person anymore. And the dress? Had a horrid fit, it just seemed to pull and pucker across the bodice.

Shar Jackson

Shan: Are those arrows on the dress pointing to the part that was made from coffin lining?

Amy: Am I more disturbed by this old lady/prom gone wrong number or the fact that SHAR JACKSON was at the Emmy's? Toss up.

Jeanne Tripplehorn

Shan: Again with the horrible fit! I think ya'll know I loves me some sequins, but this just makes her look wider than she is. In fact, that seemed to be the theme for most of the night - wiiiiiiider than she is....
Amy: Sequins + Classic Shape should = Perfection. The sum of these parts does not add up though. Baaaaaaaad fit and the color is doing nothing for her.

which brings me to:

Elizabeth Perkins
(case in point #2)

Shan: I have loved Elizabeth Perkins ever since I saw her in About Last Night, but seriously - is that a pegnoir from the Frederick's of Hollywood circa 1978 catalog?
Amy: 18,437 Mothers of The Bride called and want their dress back.

Sarah Silverman
(case in point #3) Shan: This is not an Emmy gown - it's a costume for a serving wench from Medieval Times. Her hips doth protest. P.S - Is she hiding Jimmy Kimmel under that skirt?
Amy: Oh I'm sorry, I thought this was the Emmy's, not a Cotillion. Who says, "Can you make my hips look bigger with lots of fabric?" I can't get past the color either because royal blue was all the rage in Jr. High for the formal dances. I have pictures to prove it. (Loves her though.)

Lisa Edelman

Shan: Note to Lisa: FIRE YOUR STYLIST. You are gorgeous - you should look better than this. Prom 1987 called and wants its crankin big permy hair back.
Amy: Have to comment on this with a big huge WHAT THE HAIL?
Alternate: Kyra Sedgwick

Kyra Sedgwick is a gorgeous woman, but this dress is too young, or cutesy, or SOMETHING. I HATE the color, hate the little flowers all around the edge, hate the shoulder barf (yes, that is a technical term), and I REALLY hate that she couldn't find appropriate shoes and had to wear her work pumps with it.

Blogger, why you gotta be such a little bitch?


The Townhouselady said...

I love you guys so much for your hilarity. Made my frickin day (yes, that is a technical term).

Chris @ Celebrations At Home said...

Soooo glad you posted Rose Byrne because.....Am I the only one who noticed her head looks like a crop and paste job???!!!!!!! Is that picture for REAL?!! Her head looks so big and up-close, while her body looks far, far away....Weird!

MerciBlahBlah said...

THL - glad you enjoyed it! BTW - Amy and I try to make up at least ONE word every day. Today's word? Crapgasm (I just came up with that on the fly - not bad...)

Chris - I hadn't noticed it before, but you're right - it DOES look like a cut and paste job.

Speaking of giant heads, did anyone else think Kristin Chenowith's head look GINORMOUS???? Good Lord - I turn my back for a second, and she turns into a bobblehead!!!! I also couldn't decide if I liked her dress or not. It was the length that threw me - I think if it would've come to her knees, it would've been bananas.

Irene said...

What a fantastic fashion post.!! You have inspired me.. I really enjoyed to see such beautiful and glamorous dresses.