Monday, August 31, 2009

Stuff We Would Kiss On The Mouf: Project Runway Recap

Yep, it's time for our weekly PR recap. I don't know about Amy, but I was not thrilled with the challenge, probably because once you have been pregnant and discover the CHEAP CRAP that is sold for roughly 875 gold doubloons, and then have to wear maternity clothing after the baby (or BABIES, for some of us) are born, and you are SO SICK of elastic waistbands, giant panels that squeeze your belly, and then fall apart after the first wash, you typically do not want to think about maternity wear EVER. AGAIN.

Or maybe that's just me.

Anyhoozle - here goes. Enjoy!

Merci, Shan

Amy here: Having never ejected a tiny human, I cannot empathize with your above sentiment. I can only speak to this challenge in two ways this morn: 1) Maybe I liked it because I could pass as pregnant these days and 2) don't expect me to "bring it" this week as I spent a couple hours on the bathroom floor last night with what I can only hope wasn't Paul putting rat-poison in my dinner.

Now then...

The Winner: Shirin

Shan: I didn't love this dress, and in fact thought it was booooooring, even though Shirin is so adorable I would like to carry her around in my pocket.

Amy: I, on the other hand, loved this. I thought the waist detail she did was lovely and the color of this was so rich and scrumptious like a nice merlot. AND she made a coat. Coats get big ups from me.

Should Have Won: Irina

Shan: I was actually conflicted over who was my favorite. Irina's dress, though a-dor-a-ble, had IMPOSSIBLE bewbie holders for one who is with child. I mean, girlfriend might as well be taping a BandAid over those thangs for no more material than she used. NOT practical for the giant, rock-hard, jugs-o-wonder one acquires during pregnancy.

Amy: I, too, enjoy this dress but something about it reads a little too Home Ec for me. I think it's the color combination for some reason.


Shan: Louise, Louise, Louise, are you going to hot glue a giant corsage onto EVERY dress? Please try to mix it up next week. Still, this was another one in reviewing the photos that I really liked a lot. Very vintage fat-girl chic.

Amy: I think this does really border on being unrealistic as a frock outside of the boudoir, but it's still my favorite. I think it is a stunning choice for pregnant floozies everywhere. I kid, it's so floopy and flowy and pretty. Love.

The "I Can't Believe It's Not Crap" Award Goes to....

Shan: Seriously. In loading these photos tonight, I actually think this one is one of my faves. Understated, nice color, interesting neckline, not a hint of Donatella Versace's bowel movement in sight.

Amy: It was like she watched last week's episode with us and was as mortified as we were at her creation. Girl stepped it up. I'm still a wee bit afraid of her thought because DID ANYONE NOTICE WHAT SHE WAS WEARING with that denim and leather patchwork outfit? It was an OUTFIT for the love of Vic Tayback.

The Loser: Malvin

Shan: Oh Malvin, you poor little chickadee. NO pregnant woman wants to look like a giant Cadbury egg.

Amy: Put some sleeves on this and you almost have a straight-jacket, which is what home-girl needs for designing this baby sling gone wild.

Should Have Lost: Mitchell

Shan: The fit of those shorts alone should've been enough to send Mitchell home. What is he - the token gay of Project Runway? For real though, I actually thought his outfit was cute, but completely unbelievable as an outfit for a pregnant woman (at least one who has carried triplets). I think Mitchell's time has come and gone.

Amy: Unfortunate about these shorts because this was one of the cutest outfits. I can't even look at that picture without giggling. Those are terribew.


Shan: This dress was pretty, but I'm guessing most of the women designing tonight have never been pregnant, or they would've been more GENEROUS with the material over the boobular region.

Amy: I concur.


Shan: Meh. Just meh. That's all I got.

Amy: Yeah, I'm sure tons of pregnant women would line up to wear that??? Seriously, no offense, but I don't want to see most pregnant women anywhere near something like this.


Shan: Ditto comment above. I do want to say, however, that Logan's model is a leeeeetle too Fatal Attraction for my taste.

Amy: How on earf is this anything remotely interesting? Oh yeah, it's not.


Shan: Okay, I realize the designers were designing for Rebecca Romain-O'Connell, but do they realize the average pregnant woman DOES NOT LOOK LIKE REBECCA ROMAIN O'CONNELL? There was an over-abundance of reeeeaaallllly tight maternity wear on that runway.

Amy: Amen. Hallelujah. It was kind of nice to see a longer dress though because I'm sure I would be wanting to wear a the biggest and longest thing I could find if I ever decided to breed.


Shan: Now THIS is a cute, wearable, funky maternity outfit. Likey.

Amy: I want now. This IS wearable. Okay, if you don't have huge legs. Still, cute with maternity pants or jeans.

And the award for the "I'm With Stupid" pointing tee-shirt of maternity wear goes to.....

Top Ra'mon

Shan: Actually, it wasn't that bad. I thought it was kind of cute, but then, I'm a freak.

Amy: I was feeling it until the white/grey part stepped in. Still, at least he tried something different. I kind of like him, too. He's adorable. The fit on this is ghastly though.


Shan: Oy vey. Bad with the big bulky sleeveless jacket, even worse as a Saturday Night Fever jumpsuit. Dude, that was a big, shiny, tight, white mess.

Amy: I've done that whole shawl thing with a big scarf before and didn't have to sew one stitch. I have not done the jumpsuit lurking beneath though and never intend to. You're all welcome.


Shan: I'm Meh on this one too. Nothing terrible about it, just not terribly exciting either.

Amy: Boooooooooooooring.

Darryl Carol Hannah

Shan: Is that a curtain swag under her belly or what? No. Just no.

Amy: I likey the little jacket and loved other details on this dress that are hidden by it. Loves the color, too. Golf claps.


Chris @ Celebrations At Home said...

Okay, you can't really tell in a lot of these pictures, but there was something so wrong about all those beach balls stuffed under their clothes. Those fake bellies were HIDEOUS on a bunch of anerexic models!!!! I just couldn't get passed it....I'm still obsessing about just looked....weird.....

MerciBlahBlah said...

Chris - I know what you mean! Especially on the tighter clothing (like Johnny's), they looked freakish.


Castor Pollux said...

i luv ur pr review .
it's great , but the pregnant models r scary .
btw, would u link to my page ??
i'll link u back :)