Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Stuff We Would Kiss On the Mouf: Dlisted

THIS is the funniest red carpet recap I've read in a while.

"Yeah, I know you're doing the eye roll, because she's wearing ANOTHER black dress, but she has to. If she doesn't, the black dress industry will file for bankruptcy and then the black dress would officially be extinct. Their future depends on St. Angie. Although, I don't think this was originally a black dress. Angie wasn't happy with any of the ten million black dresses her stylist showed her, so Maddox came to the rescue as usual. He cut the fingers off one of his leather gloves, snipped the tip and slipped it on Angie. Voila! It's still a little baggy, but it will do!"
- Dlisted

Dlisted is the QUEEN of wicked bitchiness. Girlfriend ROCKS. For more delicious fashion recaps, check another of my Favey Crocketts, Tom & Lorenzo. They recap Angie's dress here, and DO NOT MISS their Project Runway recaps.

You know I am Team Aniston all the way, but I actually did like the dress Angie rocked. And why? Because it had POCKETS in it. I know they're good-for-nothing pockets, but I adore them nonetheless. Still, I am sick to DEATH of the boring black dresses that AJ insists on wearing all the time. Come on woman, mix it up now and then. Please? Throw in some chartreuse, maybe a little tangerine, but for the love of sweet Lincoln's mullet, stop with the black, navy, grey, blah blah blah.


Angie? Morticia Adams called - she wants her wig back.

Amy here:

Firstly, pockets in a dress are maybe the best thing ever. They are so frito pie. Next, dlisted is the highlight of my day. Michael is so wrong but

Now then, I have a theory: I'm pretty sure if Angie doesn't wear black the terrorists win. I mean, what other explanation is there? She's not just saving orphans, Shan. She's also saving the Americas.

But seriously, Ang, just stop. Just. Stop. I don't know if you know this but you can probably have any dress ever made or that ever will be made. Any of them. All of them. So, what gives? Don't even try the "black is slimming" thing because that is MY line.

I wonder if Brad ever gets sick of all the drab. Does he ever do the "You look gorgeous, honey." out loud and the "seriously...ANOTHER black dress?" in his head? You know he has at least once casually mentioned maybe she could wear another color. I mean my mom did when I went through my post-modern Doc Marten combat boot phase in high school. Then again, I don't have my mother by the nutsack like Ang probably has Brad.




Chris @ Celebrations At Home said...

Angie told me she will stop wearing black when Jen Aniston stops wearing beige. Maybe Brad has a thing for "one-color" women!

MerciBlahBlah said...

Chris - don't even tell me you're Team Jolie. Sigh.

Chris @ Celebrations At Home said...

Oh, Hell-To-The-NO! I'm team Aniston all the way!....Stick figures, cutters, and home wreckers are not my style...even if they do adopt their own daycare ; )

MerciBlahBlah said...

Shwew! That was a close one!! I do agree about Jen though, but at least she throws a few other colors in now and then...